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Frac format delay/echos
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Author Frac format delay/echos
I'm scoping pieces to put together a nice little system, and delay is one of my top priorities. There is a nice selection of Euro delays, but Frac seems lacking in that department... I saw the E5980 Resampling Mini Delay was once available in Frac, and that would have been perfect, but they're all gone now.

Is there anything I'm overlooking?

time machine? bug pt delay too but good luck finding one in minijack.
I would email John Blacet and ask when he is next doing a run of resampling mini-delays.
The FX3030 is worth looking into. It will do delays with tasty repeats along with other effects. Reverb is included too as a second effect.

While this is based on the Alesis DSP chip and is rather clean, the module has enough gain to dial in some distortion which can be useful in spots.

The Time Machine is pretty crazy if you can find one. Once in a while there is run of PCBs.

The F580 is really different sounding but useful too. Blacet makes runs of these on demand once or twice a year. They are SMT so minimums on the robot are cause for having to get a "batch" of orders. I know emails to Blacet are effective.
I did see the Time Machine, and it looked quite wonderful. Will keep an eye out.

I'll also email Mr. Blacet!

As far as digital delays go - I'm very interested in doing work with modulating the functions of the delay, and this includes the 'Time' parameter, which we all know will be a tad choppy and nasty with a digital. I'm aware the Blacet is a digital delay, but it's modeled to allow the rate know to cause pitch-shifting..
BBlack wrote:
I'm aware the Blacet is a digital delay, but it's modeled to allow the rate know to cause pitch-shifting..

The Time Machine is analogue.

The FX/Reverb aka Time Machine II is digital.

I have a Time Machine and a Bug Brand PT Delay. Bother are wonderful, and they are totally different from each other.

Something else to consider might be a Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows bare-bones kit, if you can track one down. The SoS offers tons of control.
bare bones Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows behind DIY panel?

euro and frac play nice together if you'd consider adding an extra PSU and rack.
I thought I remember reading that you could run the SoS @ 15V hmmm.....
^ I thought so too.
oops, my sentences are meant to be disconnected as 2 seperate methods, sorry that wasn't clear!
I heard from Blacet that he might be considering some more frac Time Machine kits or modules... Might be worth another email to him.
Also saw that Mr. Blacet might do another run of Time Machine kits... already sent him an email encouraging this Mr. Green
a scanner darkly
I've got Time Machine for sale on BST forum if anybody is looking for one...
you want a Blacet Time Machine. i have two. buy scanner d's.
a scanner darkly
Thanks Dave - TM has already left the building...
I recommend de FOH SOS.
It runs on +-12 and 15.
I've been going back and forth on my euro and blacet power.
No issues.
I ended up getting an MOTM Time Machine kit, and mounting it at an angle behind a frac-sized panel.

Still very much interested in obtaining a digital delay. Would really love the BugBrand, but the Sound Of Shadows would be wonderful as well.

And too the classifieds we go...
finally got my Time Machine fired up... it sounds awesome on vocals...
Demos! Demos! Demos!
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