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frac power limits
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Author frac power limits
What is the actual limit to what a Blacet power supply can power without things starting to wobble?

I've done two racks no problem can I do three?
I am 'living on the edge' right now! listening to the patch from another room.

3 panels on 1 PS500, one 2FU hole. All Blacet modules.

Seems to go OK, the first time I powered up I just set the two VCOs to the same freq. & let it drone for ages, then patched a bunch of stuff in the background, just making the LEDs blink trying to see if I could hear any droop or sag.

So far so good!

Either; the PS-500 is over-specced (wouldn't surprise me) or the draw figures in the module manuals are absolute maximums, not averaged or I f'd up the spreadsheet, entered a value twice (or more) so I'm actually running less than I think I am... any & all of these are possible. I've trippled check my calculations & they are good.

I'm inclined to think that the esteemed Mr. Blacet recognized the fact that people will always push the envelope & gave us a little extra rope.

No way I'm pushing it any further tho!
Depending on which modules you are using...
you should be able to get away with 2.5 racks of Frac per power supply without having any problems.

When I pushed it to 3 racks I noticed the range of my STG Gate Delay was dramatically decreased.

So you could *probably* run 5 full Frac racks with 2 Blacet PSUs.
Some modules use up very little power some use up plenty. It's not the number of modules or rows of modules, it's what they are using combined adds up to ... though occasionally someone building modules doesn't tell you the power required which is annoying and does lead to guesstimates.

Mr. Blacet says 500mA is conservatively rated implying it will probably handle a bit more. So that would mean to me you should start looking for another supply if you hit 500 though another less demanding module will probably still fly or it will likely cover a "guesstimate"
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