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8 channel vactrol-based video sequencer
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Author 8 channel vactrol-based video sequencer
great work! id love a kit too smile
+1 for kit.
Yes, the kits are ready, and have been for quite some time. I just haven't put together documentation that's to my liking, I was going to get some help setting up a website so i could post documentation & take/track orders and such, but that didn't transpire. I just really wanted to make sure that things were orderly and organized so I didn't wind up with chaos (even though I know that there probably isn't -that- much demand for these).

I've got a batch of them built, and kits are already put together, ready to ship. I've been dragging my feet a bit. Sorry about that. I think I will just post docs on muffwiggler and take orders via paypal... I've also been thinking about reaching out to synthcube or thonk, to see if that might make the distribution process a little more smooth. I would like to continue bringing things to the community here, and there's definitely more stuff in the works -- so I'd really like to find a good way to go about things.

thanks for your patience, everyone who expressed interest. I look forward to sharing some new more recent projects too, but I've been quite a recluse lately -- even from the internets.
Congrats! Please sign me up for a kit, this looks amazing. SlayerBadger!
Congrats..Kitting is hard, mostly all the shipping and postal running. Oh, and sorting five zillion resistors! Dead Banana

Happy to help review docs if you'd like.
I just came across this project: it looks awesome! The demo video a few pages back is the exact sort of thing I am aiming to do with video in one way or another.

Is there any reason this wouldn't also work for audio?

Especially if it would work with audio, count me in for a kit or a completed module if the built version is really ~$150.
Started a new thread with order information and additional documentation. Joshuaorgan: It will work for audio, with the exception that it will not attenuate as much as a traditional VCA. These vactrols don't have the dynamic range you'd want to fully mute audio, and CV scaling won't be perfect either. But aside from that, there's nothing keeping you from using it for audio or CV. It's just not 'optimized' for either.
I just wanted report that I finally got this module into my rig. I really love the response, especially when cycling through ramps. If you're looking for a cool, easy and cheap little DIY project for your video rig, this one's great!

The only issue I see, and I'm not sure if this has been addressed, is the tiny amount of bleed between some of the channels when signals with harder edges are present. This may be the result of my assembly of the module though, so perhaps this isn't a widespread situation. Either way, It is minor and this module is perfect otherwise.

That is all smile
thanks, I'm glad you got this together! I had to make a compromise between maximum attenuation and gain error... If you made the resistor array smaller and the feedback resistor the same value you could get more attenuation at the expense of more gain variation between channels. It would also exaggerate the other big (IMO) issue with this design which is noticed if you mult the inputs - the INPUTS get attenuated (because no input buffers) when a given channel goes on. What you get is a voltage divider between the output impedance of whatever it's connected to (LZX is 500 ohms) and 4.7k to the virtual ground of the summing opamp. That's ~10% attenuation.

Though I think capacitive coupling between PCB traces may also be at work - the trace between the resistor array and the opamp (the summing node) should have been shorter but unfortunately nothing can be done about that.

If anyone's interested in these, they're still available!
SMRL, didn't you make a rotary switch breakout for this to select which stage it resets on?
I remember seeing something like that, but I'm wondering if it was a dream.

That's the one feature that I wish was easier on this.
You can do it with an additional divider module of course.

It sure would be handy to set it to 3 or 4 steps so that you could vactrol melt between different camera angles.
smrl wrote:

If anyone's interested in these, they're still available!

PM sent!
Cat-A-Tonic wrote:
SMRL, didn't you make a rotary switch breakout for this to select which stage it resets on?
I remember seeing something like that, but I'm wondering if it was a dream.

Yeah, I did this on mine, but I wired it up by hand and just put a rotary switch on a blank panel. If you want it to divide by 3, take the CD4022 Q3 (pin 7) output and run it to the RESET jack normal. Divide by 4, use Q4 (pin 11). So if you only wanted those two divisions, you could put them on an on/off/on switch and wire the top & bottom to pin 11/7, and then the center of the switch to the RESET jack normal. Or you could wire all the stages up to a rotary switch, with the common connected to the normal. Unfortunately there's no EASY way to do this, there are no pads so you have to pick up the points off of the bottom of the PCB... That many connections gets a little messy.

That said, I do use mine a lot. Often because I'll have multiple sequencers running and I want to run through permutations of different combinations. So i'll reset on e.g. 8/7/6 on my three sequencers.
I picked up the pcb/panel set for this module and now im searching for vactrols. I ended up searching EG since the original link was gone and these are what they have now.

Can anyone confirm if these look like the right spec?
It's been two years since he posted this, think he still have PCBs available? razz
the gerbers are also available, so you can diy smile

(i think i will, this sequencer looks totally awesome!)
Pcb + panel sets are still available over on
evolve wrote:
It's been two years since he posted this, think he still have PCBs available? razz

Thanks Evolve, really helpful!
Forums are great but attitudes like that keep me from coming back.

Thanks to the others, I will DIY as this looks ace.
well, evolve has a point. so i don't think he /she meant it demeaning.

i've seen people opting for a pcb/panel in (other) very old threads before smile

That film clip looks awesome, this project is definitely worthwile!

I'm no Kicad user, hopefully i can extract the full schematic and use the notes to remove the parts (transistors) he hinted at.

or maybe i'll just order the pcb's

Are those vactrol types available anywhere else?
Very cool! Congratulations for your work and thanks for sharing the schemes!
I still see them listed over at modularaddict. I gave him all my remaining inventory of PCB's - though there weren't many. If there were a lot of interest I imagine he might be willing to do a run or put together kits, but I think there's probably just the right amount of these floating around, if there's just a few more people interested maybe send off the gerbers to OSHPark or the like but as I said I think they're still available

I wouldn't bother removing the transistors, it works fine as is and it would be a major chore rerouting the PCB.

Those vactrols may be available elsewhere, the commonly used part would be a NSL-32 but you won't find them anywhere so cheaply. I do have some matched sets still, however they're in my studio and I've been on the road and not sure when I will return.
i would love one.
They are Out of stock in Modularaddict
the pcb's+panels are in stock.
Just a note - if people are picking up these PCBs and looking for parts, you don't strictly need the resistor packs. The parallel pack can be substituted by 8 resistors, and the SIP packages can be replaced with resistors standing on end with pin 1 a wire which gets soldered to the other end of each of the resistors.

Also i've noticed the schematic PDF has some broken symbols and it didn't render correctly. Hopefully it's still legible as I'm not sure I've got the files with me (I'm on the road)

If I can help clarify things or whatever, I will. Maybe PM me as well as I'm not always looking here these days.
if I want to make a non-eurorack adaption, do I need both pcb's or can I connect my jacks / banana's directly from the main pcb?

It looks like there are only jacks on that pcb + some leds?

(I realize that I have to fasten the pcb to the panel somehow. )
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