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PSU Heatsinks
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Author PSU Heatsinks
I'll be shortly building the power supply for my DIY synth using the PSU-2 PCB. In the build documentation it suggests that mounting on a metal back plate gives enough heat dispersion without adding heatsinks.

I haven't yet quite decided on where the PSU is going to be housed/mounted so I was wondering if anyone has suggestions/pictures/ideas of this PSU built with heatsinks in a non-metal housing?

The front panel for the PSU includes fixing holes for the PCB and power transistors but to make sure there was a big enough heatsink I mounted the PCB on insulated pillars with the transistors attached directly to the rear panel of my case. The case is wood, but the back panel is a sheet of 3mm aluminium. If it gets too hot, then there really is a problem. Don't forget to use a mica (or similar) washer between the transistor and heatsink together with a smear of heatsink compound to help heat transmission.
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