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Finalized Blacet Layout
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Author Finalized Blacet Layout
Muff Wiggler
Well, my Window Comparator and Splitter/Scanner arrived, which means I've been able to finally complete one of two twin Blacet towers.

Also, this means the layout I've been agonizing over, and re-arranging on paper and in my mind for over 2 years, is finally complete.

It's been a challenge to figure out how to arrange all the Blacet modules (and in some cases two or more of each) into my 2 towers, and I think I've come up with a good layout - interested in your comments.

The Blacet system is two towers, each with an identical set and layout of modules. There's a third tower in between them that holds my other modules (Wiard, STG, Bananalogue, etc). Each tower has a top and a bottom section. Here's how the modules are laid out (there's a Ad Infinitium 19" Multi at the bottom of the top tower section)

Top Section:

Bottom Section:

What do you think of the arrangement? What would you move around if this was yours?

Also note, each tower has a few modules that don't fit in the tower. To make this layout, I had to pull an I/O module, and two Multi/Atten modules (per tower), as there's no space for them in the racks.

I thought hard before determining which modules to move out of the main towers. The I/O's are actually in the lower corners of the middle tower, so they aren't very far from their Blacet bretheren.

Finally, there's no Hex Zone. Haven't picked one up yet. Because it is so thin, I am going to make a slight wooden frame for it, so that it sits on it's back, very very slightly angled forward. I will set it on the shelf between the top and bottom sections of the tower, and will be able to pick it up and put it on my lap when programming it. I think this is a great solution. I'm totally out of space at this point though, I'll have to get crafty if/when John releases more modules. Doing everything in 2's adds to the challenge somewhat - not so much when there was space in the towers, but now that there's overflow......
i'd definately arrange things differently but only because i'm thinking in most likely a too traditional eastcoast style of synthesis.

i'm sure with all those modules and all the patches i'd of come up with by now i couldn't possibly predict how i'd really organize all that.

fresh shit mane.
Muff Wiggler
well the layout has changed a LOT over time as I've been using it and figuring out where it makes sense to have things

i try to have a few vcas and mixers and mutis peppered all over the synth, in each reach. i like having all the timing stuff together, and I also had to factor that the very bottom row really needs to be the modules I am least likely to want to tweak while playing

big challenge, but im really happy with how it sits at the moment, feels very complete and final to me.
thats a great collection of blacet in that tower.
its pretty hard to ask opinions on this--its like asking me to try on your shoe and let you know what i think.
modular layout and workflow is personal.

i think that the grouping by function is practical...having your oscillators together and your EGs together is good.
in fact, i dont think you need to change a thing, except to get some more linear vcas in there for 'depth' modulations smile
Ok, this is a really personal subject and I doubt my working methods are applicable to you. Those are very logical module groupings, but...uh...are you sure you have enough VCAs? I'd have a VCA next to each VCO and Miniwave so I could have dynamic control over CV depth. It looks like you are using the Quad VCA as a mixer for the filter row? and maybe the dual lin in that row as a panner or a 2 into 1 mixer? Man, I'd want a VCA for each filter also, same reason, dynamic CV control.

Ok, that's not what you asked. But it jumped out at me. In the equivalent space of the top of your rack, I've got 10 VCAs! I've started putting one in line with any control voltage, just becase. I think this is part of my plan to eventually build a usable patch with all 20 JAG outputs smile

The only other thing that jumps out at me is, how does it work having your envs in the bottom half? The layout I'm using right now flows left to right, not top to bottom like yours, but I have the envelope row in between the sound sources and the filters. That way I can pull a patchcord roughly the same distance to the VCO or the Filter in or the final VCA.

That's a pile of Blacet, I gotta say!
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