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Legendary Pink Dots
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Author Legendary Pink Dots
anyone else a fan?
i like all their albums but my favourites are from the 1990s/early 2000s - Shadow Weaver era stuff up to around Hallway of the Gods. i saw them live 10-11 years ago now. it was probably one of my first exposures to a modular synth in real life - no idea what they were using, 5U of some sort iirc.

They're one of those bands that I liked quite a bit in passing and I'm sure I'd like a lot more if I actually had some of their albums. They seem like a very interesting group. Perhaps I'll see if I can find an album or two and give it a good listen..
i really like them too, although i have only have the "legendary pink box collection". love the eclectic styles and weird/gritty/poignant lyrics.
i saw them play a great show opening for download in a church in detroit around 1996-97. screaming goo yo

I have seen them perform countless times over the years, including just a few months ago.

Most of the time i saw them playing with a rather beat-up MS-20 but these days they are just using access kb's. I guess easier to travel with them.
I don't have any of their albums but saw them once many years ago with Dead Voices On Air. I didn't care for them much. I'd like to see them again though. My tastes have changed a bit and I may appreciate them more. I'm not sure. The did have at least an MS-20, a minimoog if I remember correctly.

Is there a particular easy to find album I might get to re-introduce myself?

DVOA was great by the way.
Cybananna wrote:
Is there a particular easy to find album I might get to re-introduce myself?

My personal fave is "Crushed Velvet Apocolypse" should be easy enough to find.

I'd also try checking out some stuff from "the tear garden" which is basically a collab between legendary pink dots and cEvin Key. Alot more electronic and gothy but still really good.
I'll look for that one, and maybe something from the time sandyb mentioned (if this one's not). I have some tear garden and it never was a favorite either, but maybe i'll dust it off and give it a listen again.
They're one of those bands that a lot of people seem to like and swear by, but I could never get into it. I saw 'em once about three years ago. I was bored to tears, left after a couple songs. However, I did meet Cevin Key at that show. razz
I never got around to getting any LPD albums, but I have all of the Tear Garden CDs. Tired Eyes Slowly Burning is the most electronic, and the best IMHO.
I'm not a big fan of all their stuff (particularly the folky bits) but its so eclectic there are a few I love.

First is Alchemical Playschool which is several long atmospheric collage-like tracks - any DVOA fan would enjoy this I'm sure. Second is The Golden Age which is pop and rather electronic for the Pink Dots and has Blacklist on it which I love. I also quite like Crushed Mementos which I think is fairly lo-fi old and weird.

I saw a trimmed down Pink Dots of just Ka-Spel and Silverman do an electronic set on a farm in Germany a couple of years ago and they were great....would love to have gotten a recording.
the pink dots were the first band i saw use a microkorg live.
Dots are a force to be reckoned with, but not everyone will get into their schtick. A very diffucult group to wade into, as they have, I don't know, well over 50 releases. Also, I think many people unfamiliar with them think they are going to be all dark, creepy and gothic (which they are sometimes) but more accurately they are a psychedelic group with a very active and surreal sense of humour.

My favourites are the really early lo-fi albums and cassettes, especially Curse and Chemical Playschool 1 and 2. The long string of Chemical Playschool releases are maybe the most rewarding works of their whole catalogue. Volumes 8 and 9 are tremendous. I also think they've been really on the last 10 years or so, starting with Nemesis Online.

I agree, everyone interested should get Crushed Velvet Apocalypse. A great place to begin. The Under Triple Moons comp is a good place to sample their early self-released cassette days. And to reiterate, GO SEE THEM LIVE!
I like most all of the LPD releases and have seen them a number of times. Niels uses a steiner parker evi and the silverman usually has his MS20 and over the years various keyboard samplers. Edward seems to have something new each tour, from an old Korg Wavestation to the Korg MS2000B.

I do think as a live band the classic line up with Martyn on guitar and Ryan on drums and bass was the best. When they are stripped down I think it can be a mixed affair depending on the sound of the venue.

I really like "From Her I watch...," "The Maria Dimension", "Malachi" LPs the best. I have heard from most fans their most recent release "Plutonium Blonde" is supposed to be strong.
great to see there's other people here like them screaming goo yo
i tend to gravitate towards the stuff they did from the later 1980s onwards - shadow weaver, hallway of the gods, the maria dimension etc. i'm not the biggest fan of all the really early stuff although it makes interesting listening to see how they progressed to their current sounds and there are some gems in there too! here's probably one of my favourite tracks - "on high" from hallway of the gods.

this clip is from the "live at la luna" dvd - well worth picking up.

Scot Solida
The Dots are old friends of mine. I first saw Edward's solo gig opening for Skinny Puppy back in 1987 (egads. 22 years ago!), and we befriended the Dots on their first US tour a couple of years later (as a three piece). They stayed over at our place on a couple of the early tours and we hung out quite a bit, going to a number of shows, driving to the Grand Canyon, record shopping together (Edward bought me my first Magma album). We haven't been in touch over the past few years, but we share a label (beta-lactam ring records). I built Edward a theremin yonks ago (after he saw me play mine during an opening slot for LPD).

LPD collectors have probably seen some of my illustration in various Dots vinyl releases. I did the poster that came with the vinyl of "Perfect Mystery" (art and printing) and the gatefold and back cover of Edward's "O'er a Shalabaster Tyde". I printed the sleeves and stickers for the Perfect Mystery vinyl, too. Also, did a neat t-shirt art/print and insert for "Absence of Evidence".

I've watched their gear change over the decades. From Ensoniq and Alpha-Junos to K2000, Wavestation and MS-10/20 to MS2000 and V-Synth.

I've always dug what they do. My favorites are Edward's solo "Eyes China Doll" and LPD's "Shadow Weaver, pt 1" and Asylum. I've got quite a few rarities, including a number of extra copies of the vinyl of A Perfect Mystery (anyone wants a copy, let me know. I have around a dozen of them left).

I've seen dozens of LPD shows. The absolute best ever I saw was the first show they did in Denver, at the Mercury Cafe back when
"From Here You'll Watch The World Go By". Truly immense performance (and a great album).
Just discovered them few days ago. Kinnda new their name was floating around for quite some years but didn't bother checking them out. Now I'm totally overwhelmed by their extensive discography. Started with The Maria Dimension and The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse, there are some true gems in there like New Tomorrow, Cheraderama, Disturbance... I've also done some random sweeping trough their discography and although there is also some not so accessible work I am really excited about what else is there to come.

And then there are also all the side projects like Edward Ka-Spel solo, Mimir, The Tear Garden.

So much new music to digest, really excited about that but I'll take it slow and try not to jump all over it. For today I have a 9 Lives To Wonder in my player Rasta-nana
tj wrote:
i saw them play a great show opening for download in a church in detroit around 1996-97. screaming goo yo

I was at that show too. It was really impressive but I remember there were some technical issues during the set driving them nuts.
Scot Solida
It's going to be an excellent time over the next months for LPD fans with tons of stuff coming out, some of which will be on Beta-lactam Ring Records. In fact BLRR are taking pre-orders on a new one now: b=lactam&gen=&for=&date_start=&date_end=#.VA2dcWK9KSN

Also, if you like the more experimental spacey stuff, make sure to check out the Armchair Migraine Journey albums on which Edward guests, one of which I also play on: SM

Here's one from earlier this year for which I provided the cover art (there are still shirts available with the full design I think): #.VA2e0mK9KSM

It has been years since I've seen the Dots, but they'll always hold a special place in my heart. I'm so happy that they've kept it going for so long. It has now been nearly thirty years since I first heard them and I still listen to 'em at least once a week, usually binging on their stuff when I do. Few bands have managed to keep it together for as long as they have, and even fewer that steadfastly remain outside the mainstream. They should be revered as cultural heroes, as far as I'm concerned. For me, their music is a welcome relief against the banality of popular music.
I've been a fan of the Dots since the late 80s, around the time Any Day Now was released. Seen them a few times, and my husband and I are visible in one live performance video on YouTube (Pain Bubbles in Seattle) during Niels' sax solo.
Tago Mago
I've seen them 3 times.
An awesome band !
Big fan! Saw them live about 3 years ago.
They still got it!!!
Scot Solida
LavLab wrote:
Big fan! Saw them live about 3 years ago.
They still got it!!!

Indeed they do. I saw them in Autumn of 2016 and it was one of the best shows I'd seen them do (and I have seen a lot of LPD shows over the past 30 years)
Definitely a fan, though mostly of the earliest stuff (and I completely lost track after 1997 so lots to catch up...)

I'm just listening right now to Chemical Playschool 3+4, one of my personal favorites. still think it's the best introduction to the early style.

Someone should do an expose on the entire English post-psychedelic scene (for want of a much better name!) c. 1981 with LPD, Eyeless in Gaza, Woo, Lemon Kittens, Crawling Chaos... very unique and irreplaceable artists at another brief moment when absolutely everything seemed possible. or an inspiration to make everything seem possible today wink
Have not listened to them in years, but definitely a unique and interesting group. I may still have some on a cassette in a shoebox somewhere...
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