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Buddha Machine - FM3
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Author Buddha Machine - FM3
I just picked up my new Buddha Machine 4 today at my local record shop. This one goes back to more ambient loops which I enjoy much more than the guitar and plucked string sounds of BM3. The sound quality on this new one is much better too. I think this one might be my favorite of them all, though the first one is still very nice. I've got two of the first one and it's fun to set them up in different areas of the room and have one be slightly delayed.

Surprised not to find a thread dedicated to the Buddha Machine. I figured it should go in the Artist forum and not Gear since it's marketed as an album by FM3.

Buddha Machine!
yeah, i got one for christmas. i have all four now, and this one is probably my favourite. i didn't enjoy the stringed loops ones very much either.

i find myself wanting a reverse switch on this one for some reason!
also, the first loop is my favourite. i like the short ones best i think. you can really zone out on them... Dead Banana
Sounds nice! Thnks for heads up on this.
Sorry to resurrect an old thread.

Anyone know any online distributors of the Buddha Machines? I know MeMeAntenna and Analogue Haven sells them - but mostly out of stock. (Only very select versions.) My googling has not returned much.
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