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Power Blacets with 9700?
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Author Power Blacets with 9700?
Hi there; this seemed like a good topic for a first post.

I'm dusting off my older equipment, and I notice that PAIA has upgraded their power supplies.

I have a couple of 9700 midi2cv8s, and was planning to add 15v regulation and power some Blacet modules with one of them.

Has anyone done this? I can't see a problem with it, but I figured it would be good to check if anyone had run into trouble using this approach.

i have the new paia 15v psu and use it to power several blacet modules with no problems of any kind
ive known a couple folks that modded the 18v paia psu for 15v and powered blacet stuff with out any problems either
I would just check the current draw of the modules you want to power and check the midi2cv8 can handle it while leaving a bit of headroom.
Thank you, folks; it should be good for a start.

I have a Dotcom system, but I've always wanted to try out some of the Blacet modules, and every time I put it off, another one dissapears.
I have 8 frac racks as part of my analog beastie. It is mostly PAiA, Blacet and a smattering of other frac modules I have been able to locate. Half of my FR use Blacet PS500 PS and the other half use PAiA supplies. 2 use the wing PS and I power 2 FR with mixed PAiA, Blacet modules from 1 PAiA 9771-15 PS. I disengaged my original 9700 rack from the MIDI>CV8 module/power supply and drive the VCO/VCF/VCA from the 9771-15. The MIDI>CV8 uses its own on board power supply. I mix and match the connectors from the various modules with ease and without any issues.

I also have Frankensteined a new 4771 PS for my dual twin cabinet 2700/4700 system. I use a 9771-15 PS modded to +/-9V and add the KS60 kit from PAiA with regulated 18V. It has eliminated the nasty hum from modules using the 18V line like the Bal Mod and Control Osc.

I plan on writing that project up at a later date and sharing it with the PAiA Phans.
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