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Silent Way and Korg MS 10
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Author Silent Way and Korg MS 10

just tried and tested SW and my Korg MS10 with Ableton Live and Motu 828 mkIII. It works very well :-)

There are some hints if you're keen to try yourself;

MS10 has to freq inputs, one is Hz/v and the secondary is Oct/V. Its best to use the secondary for greater range. Its the top left one marked -5/+5 oct/volt. The knob called frq mod eg/ext ust be turned all the way clockwise.

If you're connecting the filter, the knob called cutoff frq mod eg/ext should be turned all the way clockwise.

The MS10 trigger in seems to be oposite of normal CV stuff, workaround is to use "Gate open" at 0 and "gate closed" at 1 if you are using SW voice, and the MS10 EG. It is also possible to use the SW EG to MS10 initial gain input. But this results in a nasty click at the beginning of notes...

Hope this helps for others :-) MS 10 can be added to the supported HW list hyper

If anyone has any solution on the click sound when using SW for volume EG, please help :-)

All the best!

Thanks for the info.
I also had success doing this with Motu Volta (MS10 as well as 20). As it's a bit of a workaround, Motu never wanted to add the Korg MS series to their list of supported stuff, despite me describing it in detail to them...

The nasty click if you use a software EG happens with Volta too, if you open the attack just by a few ms it should go away thumbs up

I have done some more nerding with the MS-10, and this gives you way more playability and stability.

This is how to get 8 octaves working with MS10 and Silent Way;

On the MS10 connect mod wheel out (+-5v) to VCO CV in (far rigth), then turn mod wheel to max.
Silent ways pitch output is connected to freq input -5/+5v on far left. When calibrating use the V/oct button on Silent Way plugin.
For best calibration set MS 10 as follows; 16' feet octave, sine waveform, filter all the way open and no peak/reso.
If you dont feed the offset to primary pitch input, your ms10 will drift and your range will be smaller.

For triggering using MS-10s ADSR, connect Silent Ways second output to MS-10 trigger in on far right. Remember to invert trigger values on Silent Way plug. Ie trig on to zero and trig off to one.

For triggering with Silent Ways envelope move the plug from MS10s trig in to MS10 init volume. There should be nothing connected to trig in. Make sure that in Silent Way output to has no value on gate, but value on env 1 is set to 1 on output 2. I prefer this method.

If you use the voice controller plug in you may set env 2 and 3 to filter and pwm for nice sounds, simply connect...

These findings were done with Silent Ways voice controller, Ableton 8 and Motu 828 mkIII fw. (Wich can be added to compatibility list) using floating ring cables.

Time to play, use the force!
This was super helpful! Just setup my MS-10 and it's awesome to be accessing 8 octaves. Thanks!
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