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ADDAC System .. . ... A word from our team - 31.12.2012
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Author ADDAC System .. . ... A word from our team - 31.12.2012
...A word from our team

Dear beloved ADDAC System User’s

Here we are at the brink of a new year, the world didn’t end, we’re still thinking, walking and talking... Hmmm, maybe you don’t even remember anymore, what was that all about anyway?

It’s almost impossible to arrive at the end of another year without making a balance of all that happened throughout it’s course.
We look back and see how much we’ve learned, how much was done, how much we grew and how many more user’s trust our solutions.
We can’t express how it feels to have more and more happy users!

We’d like to take this opportunity to give you a peak of who’s at the ADDAC System Core Lab - Division A2, (we blew up A1 a few months ago, oooops, but don’t worry, we already made public that we won’t turn on the black matter device again*), so this is our current trustworthy team and a magnified peak into their personas:
Andre, who’s studying how to become an ermit in night school, works over the clock at both the start and the end of the production line, juggling together concept, circuit & panel design, emails(fewer than he should), programming, testing All modules and obsessively alligning hex nuts as some sort of odd Zen therapy ( you know we like all our nuts alligned in our panels, don’t you? ). It has also been reported that sporadically he can be seen at the local skate park busting his signature trick hardflip to crooked to nose slide switch tre flip out.
Ruben strangely seemed to have grown a third and, more recently, a fourth robotic arm on his collar bone so that, while keeping his “natural” hands free for the soldering iron and solder wire, can now hold the solder fumes extraction hose and a 1200x magnifier lens at the right place and in the perfect alignment, these new, still developing, arms run on a state of the art quantum computer the size of a penny and whose neural network have recently just learned how to roll cigarretes like no other can match.
João by now started to babble in binary code, making haikus in arrays of precisely 64 chars, compressed format. He’s running of a very yin yang diet of freshly grounded cofee and gourmet vegetable oil organic fuel, he flys a brainwave activated late model turbo charged dark green triple-engine jetpack.
Sandra does not type a letter anymore, she developed a molar purpletooth that delivers thunderbolt brain connection with minor side effects like flowing between pink dreams and nightmares at night. Among these, she reported being in a pointillism painting mingling around on the grass of an island where, while some of you and us danced in circles, yet like another later paiting, others made beautifull music from their portable sun powered modular systems enjoying a beautifull Sunday afternoon celebrating sound. Other reports tells us of horror adventures where she chases Andre irated while in it’s turn also irated waiting customers chase both of them through the dark mountains of Mordor under the all seeing eye of laptop users.

But as good or weird as all this might sound like we still have no special powers, we keep our feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon and sanity from your emails, your feedback and love. Thanks for giving us the drive to keep our spirits up, for making us believe that we’re not alone here.
We feel and share your passion towards the Modular World, towards the open Synthesizer, with a big S, the all mighty instrument, one that can give us eternal hours of Sound possibilities, myriads of combinations, structures and compositions. I believe we all just grew to love and got tangled in this never ending world.
And so we took upon us this mission, there’s never enough modules and there’s still so many possibilities to explore, may 2013 bring many more solutions...

And yes we’re not talking about any new module or announcing any release this time, although we’ll be announcing a future module every day during the first 7 days of Janury, so keep tuned to our facebook page and our website, it will start tomorrow!

We also like to note that we’re still offering free shipping on modules and accessories until January 10th.

Have a Happy New Year!

All the very best
ADDAC System
Andre Goncalves * Ruben De La Costa * João da Fonseca * Sandra Reit



PS. Release Notes on 206, 207 and 803

We also would like to take the opportunity to dedicate a word for all of you waiting for the first units of the 206, 207 & 803 Modules
We know you've been waiting for a while now, we are very aware of that and in our thoughts everyday.
Our sparse reports over time may have sound that we were shipping them earlier but due to Andre’s pickiness and obsession with endless fine tunning we still didn’t. In fact we could have done so already, the modules and physically ready, but we don’t want the easy way out, oh no otherwise how could we sleep restfully with doubts on our minds about what we had just done, if it would fail or brake once they get to their new homes and warm frames... This is how we’re thinking here: these are new modules and we won’t let go of them until the fine tunning process is brought to an obsessive stage of scrutiny, testing them with all the shebang of professional tools and our ears, “in case of doubt always trust your ears”.
The best part of this stage is when we start using them in our own modulars even debutting them live and watching the cycle closing as they start “living” in their natural environment and behaving like they were supposed to and surprising us with what we expected and most times more! There’s no doubt that there is some degree of a very personal process in this, seeing them coming to shape, holding on sitting in some rack half torned apart looking helpless until when, suddenly, like magic, they light up and we put it through all this scrutiny and we start trusting them, more and more until we can look at them as a separate entity that we can say farewell to. At that time they will get up and start walking out the door heading to your house and presenting themselves at your doorstep.
But we can add that we are deeply enjoying developing this new modules and we’re proud of them already, we trully trust you’ll be very happy with them as well. Just bear with us for a bit longer!

And many thanks for your understanding, it’s deeply appreciated.

*we deeply believe that it was an induction spike that made A1 blew up, once this is proved right under the critique of a team of world renowed scientists whose names are kept private for the time being, we, under the light of that decision, feel free to use the black matter device once again, we believe we’re this close to control it.
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