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DAY 7: Ultra .WAV Player
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Author DAY 7: Ultra .WAV Player
The cv file pot doesn't affect teh expansion. They are hardcoded to file A to H. The CV file pot affects the sample it loads after a reset.

And yes, i would love a script for the file naming!
Paranormal Patroler
So come on already, we need reviews and demos!
Stupid question deleted it


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Cant wait to get hold of one of these
My mind is exploding with the possibilities ....
The expansion mod is such a great idea
this module is perfect for my needs in every way except for the 22050 Khz quality, which is a deal killer. so sad... Dead Banana
Really ??? I bet its pretty much the same ...
Hmm, ok looking into this. as i understand it you can never reproduce audio frequencies higher than half the sampling rate. 44100 Hz sample rate will give max audio frequency about 22050 Hz. With 22050 Hz sample rate, you will only have audio frequencies below 11025.

However... that seems only true of stereo. Mono looks to be ok.

Am i wrong? Can anyone school me on this?
Nyquist theory is applicable no matter if mono or stereo. You lose just one octave in bandwith. And in general music happens at frequencies well below 11 kHz.

If you just want to replay samples in high quality, i think you are better off with a ipod/smartphone/tablet using a 804 or other input module.

I use the 101 and 111 extensively and the 22kHz didn't cause me any trouble, as the sound is processed further in the modular chain. I like running it through a distortion and a fedback loop in a digital delay, which adds harmonics higher up.

Dead Banana
You can easily hear the difference between 44 and 22 in any sample editor. Just load your 44 sample, convert to 22KHz, and hear the difference. Trivial, I know - but still.

I was thinking about going for the 111, but then I heard how much treble you lose in a sample when it only goes to 11(KHz - but I had to reference Spinal Tap), so I called it off.
Still dont believe you

I will let you know once my ultra arrives

In fact i will post a drum loop

And you can tell me

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On a brighter note does anyone have any advice re the card working with a mac ?

I have just bought a card reader
Not sure which card or what size
I mostly plan to only have 8 samples on a card

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I have written confirmation from ADDAC that it only supports up to 22050Hz sample rate, so no need to post drum loops. wink

And as far as the 44.1 vs. 22.05KHz sample difference, anyone can hear it in a sample editor, as I wrote above. It's pretty self explanatory that a drum+hihat sample will sound pretty different when the cutoff is at 11KHz and 22KHz. Tons of information in a hihat sound that extends above 11KHz.
We will see

It's a bit convoluted to format the SD card on a mac, as it's FAT16. It has to be done via the Terminal:

To format the SD card, you will need the path to the SD card device and the SD card device number.
1. Insert the SD Card into a card reader.
2. If you don't know how to find the device number of the SD Card, here is one way to do it:
2b. Open Disk Utility
2c. Highlight the SD Card device (upper icon), not the SD Card volume (lower icon)
2d. Click Erase at the top of the window
2e. Select Volume Format: MS-DOS (FAT) Click Erase... > Click Erase
The SD Card Volume Name will change to the UNIX device number e.g. "disk5s1". Note this number as it will change by itself to "Untitled". It is now formatted in MS-DOS FAT 32. We need to reformat it in FAT 16.

Once you have the device number of the SD Card, you need the path to the SD card device.
3. For my Mac, the path to devices is "/dev". In a terminal window: type "cd /dev" and hit the "Return" key to go to the "dev" directory. Then type "ls" (with a lower case L) and "Return" key. You should see the SD Card device number listed.

Formatting the SD Card in FAT 16:
4. In Disk Utility, highlight the SD Card device and click Unmount at the top, not Eject. The desktop icon of the SD card will disappear.
5. Go to the Terminal window. Be careful to type the following command with the correct letter case and spacing. Again, make sure you type the correct device number and path as you can very easily erase your hard drive in UNIX.
Type the command:
newfs_msdos -F 16 (path to SD Card device)/(SD Card device number)
e.g. newfs_msdos -F 16 /dev/disk5s1
and hit the "Return" key.
6. If you get just a new prompt (or a prompt with some warnings, e.g. below), the command executed successfully. You can remove the SD Card; it is now formatted in FAT 16. You can verify this in Disk Utility after mounting the SD Card.
If you get some instructions on the newfs_msdos command with a new prompt, the command did not execute. Make sure you enter the command with the correct case and spacing. Hint: to re-enter a previous command you typed, hit the up arrow repeatedly. For more information, type: "man newfs_msdos". Scroll with arrow keys. Type "q" to quit and return to prompt.

Warnings Example
newfs_msdos: warning: /dev/disk5s1 is not a character device
/dev/disk5s1: 1998208 sectors in 62444 FAT16 clusters (16384 bytes/cluster)
bps=512 spc=32 res=1 nft=2 rde=512 mid=0xf0 spf=244 spt=32 hds=128 hid=0 bsec=1998738

Not exactly a no brainer. This has killed the Wav player for me I'm afraid, because it was looking a good alternative to the Phonogene.
Thank you very much for the detailed response

I have not recieved it yet so do not know quite how painful this will be
It cant be that bad....... Can it ?

I have a phonogene .... A very different beast

I have a go pro im hoping that formats to fat14 or whatever

Maybe andre could sell us some formatted cards ?

I have a computer shop up the road i will just buy a load of cards from them and make them format them

Da na !!

Job done i cant miss out on this it can sort my life out

The phonogene is my fav makenoise modual the one i wont ever sell
But u cant store recall or even get it back once u touched it

ADDAC System
tiny333 wrote:

Maybe andre could sell us some formatted cards ?

Soon formated SD cards will be avaliable at ADDAC's webstore. But it's already possible to order them.
Price is 7euros each unite.

All the best,
That is fantastic thank you

I need ten when u send the ultra


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Can anyone report size/brand of micro sd cards that worked?
ADDAC System

Sizes below 1Gb work for sure, we also had good results with 2 and 4gb
cards, from our experience brands are not important.

And there's a new great app to format cards in the right manner, available
for windows and osx:

All the best,
ADDAC System
ADDAC111 Ultra .WAVplayer and ADDAC111b Ultra .WAVplayer Expansion now in stock.

All the best,
ADDAC System
Booody wonderful box

I got sd cards ready formatted from addac

Dowloaded the cleaner app and its all as easy as ABC

Now i want another !

Thing sounds wonderful as well btw

thumbs up

Drums sound good
tiny333 um

here is a drum sample as promised

sound ok to me

thumbs up
[s] -drum[s]


shit i have no idea how to inbed a soundcloud track sorry

i <3 my 111 !!!
I want/need this.

So, for the most part, do most people address simple samples like drums/stabs or do you use more complex long-formsamples. Seems drums would not be too affected by the 22khz sample rate. Or does that crash loose too much sizzle?
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