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DAY 7: Ultra .WAV Player
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Author DAY 7: Ultra .WAV Player
ADDAC System wrote:
nedrush wrote:
I've checked the manual. My unit seems a little buggy in places. It may be because it's from a previous owner. Something don't work as described. I wondered if there was a way to reset the firmware or factory settings.

Hi nedrush, would you please be so kind as to send another email to ? They'll help you out.

Ok. I've sent an email. Thanks.
ADDAC System
We have a new firmware on the loose!And while on these we also offer a significant price drop in BOTH modules!

The pdf below features all info regarding upgrading the ADDAC101 and ADDAC111 Module, including necessary hardware, physical connections and download links.

ADDACSystem .WAV Players Firmware Update Guide:

Last update version:
ADDAC111: E0, February 5th, 2018

Changes Log:
.On OSX no need to eject the card through a special App.
- Files still need to be named as before.
.Small correction regarding synchronization when triggering a file.

.ADDAC111 now supports up to 72 files.
I’m sorry if my brain is failing I’m having a hard time understanding this line:

“If the loop size is set for 1/4 of the sample, then the start point will only be available from 0 to 3/4 of the file”

Is that supposed to say zero to 1/4 of the file?
still trying to grok this
tom moody
Yes, I think they mean 1/4. The loop and start knobs are interdependent, so as you change one you are usually fiddling with the other. Eventually you find a comfort zone for each sound (ideally with the start knob at a zero-crossing point so you avoid pops or clicks).
I think I was able to figure this out (although still wrestling with the SD cards to actual play a sample I can test)

By “start point” they mean specifically the start point of the loop, not the sample. So if the loop is 1/4 the size, the start point of the LOOP can only move down the sample 1-3/4 until it hits the end of the sample (because the loop is 1/4)

I actually had to see this drawn out and animated for it to click, the manual language was just a bit tricky

Still having a very hard time with the card formatting, making progress, hope to have it solved tomorrow
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