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Oakley Equinoxe Phaser in Euro Format
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Author Oakley Equinoxe Phaser in Euro Format
For those of you who are not familiar with Oakley Sound Systems,
Oakley is a British designer, Tony Allgood. His designs are for home
construction and conform to the large MOTM format. I used to do a bit
of DIY but time is against me these days and built several of Tony's
designs and crammed them behing Euro format panels. So being a fan of
Tony's modules I was interested when I heard that someone would be
building them under licence from Tony. I contacted Paul Darlow @
Krisp1 ( and asked if he could
provide in a Euro Format and to my surprise he went off, measured the
PCB's and said yes it is doable.

A few weeks later and these babies arrived

You can see below my homebuilt Oakley modules, they were all hand
drilled and hand written but they work, just look a bit odd.

So what are they like? In a nutshell very nice. For that classic 70's
JMJ type sound they excel.

The design has the option to have the LFO output standard or inverted
and a quick chat with Paul resulted in a toggle switch so I could have
a choice. By feeding the second Equinoxe with the LFO output of the
first you get one rising and one falling making a very rich sound.

This CV control over frequency of course uses either the internal LFO
or there is an ext input for whatever you want.

I don't have the ability to upload sounds at the moment but my units
sound no different from the samples on Tony's site and I have found
many more sounds lurking within these units.

BTW Paul is a great person to do business with, his communications are
superb and the build quality is excellent plus he is open to tayloring
the panels to client spec, which is very good.

I'm now investigating a couple of the New modules based on this


Chuck E. Jesus
welcome David...

i've seen the Oakley stuff before but as i have Eurorack, i haven't really thought about purchasing any of his kits but i'd love to get into the DIY scene, perhaps this would be good way? i've done a bit of soldering, i understand basic electronics, have tools, etc...i can probably have panels made by a friend now that i think of you need a separate power supply, or are you able to run the Oakley mods from a euro standard PSU? other then that, i'd like to check out a kit (could always use a VCADSR), what else do i need to use these kits with Eurorack?

Hi RG,

The main consideration with the Oakley stuff is will the PCB fit behind a Euro panel, because he designs for MOTM panels some of the boards are a big big. However the sizes are usually in the user guide. Next up is that the modules are designed for +/-15V. A lot of them will work fine +/-12V and Tony is always happy to answer questions like these. If you use or fancy some Frac rack stuff that's all 15V as well so could be worth using that format.

I picked up a 15V PSU for my dedicated rack just to make life easier (the Doepfer modules in that rack have a seperate power buss)

Also (and it's easier if your UK based) Tony provides a fix it service if you build one of his designs and then have problems getting it working.

My first DIY module was a simple dual inverter design I found on the web, very simple. This was followed by non precision modules like LFO's and envelopes. So if they didn't perform exactly right it didn't matter they just added their own character.

It's fun but don't expect to save money as small scale DIY can be as or even more expensive that commercial modules.

Happy modularing

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