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ADSR wiring
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Author ADSR wiring
I want to build the Looping ADSR with both the inverted ADSR option and the looping function. I was told that this is entirely possible, and that all I would need to do is fit the resistors for the old design, and follow all other instructions for the new design. However, I can't figure out how to wire up the jacks. I used this configuration for the new design, but I'm not sure how to wire the additional 'ADSR -' jack:

Pin 1 PANEL_GND Connect to all sockets Earth lugs
Pin 2 ADSR+ Connect to VCA OUT Signal lug
Pin 3 NC No connection
Pin 4 CV_IN Connect to VCA IN Signal lug
Pin 5 CV_NC Connect to VCA IN NC lug
Pin 6 ADSR_ADSR- Connect to ADSR Signal lug
Pin 7 GATE_BUSS Connect to GATE NC lug
Pin 8 GATE_IN Connect to GATE Signal lug


Help would be much appreciated
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