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HELP! - MOTM 1190 frac Rack
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Author HELP! - MOTM 1190 frac Rack
I'm just installing my new MOTM 1190 Frac Rack. I can see it emphasised in the instructions that for this module the white is +ve (unlike the filter where red +ve)

Maybe I'm missing something but that makes it very hard to connect to the module (and to the power Blacet power supply).

Am I reading this wrong? If not, do you have any suggestions? (I'm totally impractical so you'd need to be very clear).

(I've sent an e-mail to Paul but I was really hoping to get this set up today)
Do you have a DMM or any other device featuring a continuity tester?

If so look for an IC on the board with a pin out known to you (or with datasheet available on the net). Use the tester to determine + and - power rails.
Nope. Nothing here.

It's more a case of the connector doesn't fit naturally that way. It is the opposite of the filter. I've looked at the instructions, they are clearly different polarities, it's even highlighted in the instructions for the VCA.

But as the connector format is as normal it means the thing just doesn't want to fit!
Just to completed this, I had an e-mail exchange with Paul last night and it seems there is an error on the that error is repeated on thw Analogue Haven site. He's puting it right now.
Well... this really explains why I had to push so hard to get the power cable attached a couple weeks ago... I did think it was a bit strange to design the cable to have this problem built in, but the instructions were so emphatic about putting the white to positive... I guess I could reverse it now, if I can get the plug off without breaking anything... but will it make any difference, since all that matters is that positive is to positive and negative to negative right?

Anyway thanks for posting this thread!
I'm not sure. Maybe if it is working leave it as it is.

You are right about the emphasis. It was even hand highlighted in yellow on my instructions.
Well I pondered it and decided it shouldn't make any difference and was switching some power cables around anyway so I switched BOTH of the (molex-type) connectors around and nothing got fried.

Now I'm working on connecting the grounds of three power supplies (doepfer, blacet and cyndustries) in order to connect banana to 3.5mm patch cables per the description at

so there will be more finger crossing in a few days...
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