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what is it???


Great! With this, KOMA only lacks an osc to have a complete little synthesizer!

One could imagine that an osc in euro format is not too far down the line.
This pedal excites me SlayerBadger!
Hey Im interested in this pedal too

Does the pedal generate Din Sync from midi?
Does it generate midi from analog clock and Din Sync?
Analog clock to midi and/or din sync is way more usefull I think.
Oh hey, I'm sorry I didn't see your question. For now the possibilites are:

Tap Tempo to MIDI && Analog Clock
External Analog Clock to MIDI
(Untapped) Clock to MIDI && Analog Clock
MIDI to Analog Clock
DIN Sync to MIDI && Analog Clock

These are the features that are running already and both the LFO and the EG can be synced in any mode. So for now it's only DIN Sync input which I feel is more important to players but I'm more than eager to work out the conversion above also for DIN Sync and if it's not technically impossible (I doubt that) then all of the above clock signals will be converted to DIN Sync as well. The jacks in addition to the analog master clock and its division are then: MIDI/DIN Sync In, MIDI Through, MIDI Out and DIN Sync Out (and the external analog clock in on the top patchbay).

In the end, what I want is to simply convert everything to everything but do it with an interface that one can still understand when looking at it for the first time.

We will keep you updated about this pedal, expect more news in around 2 - 3 weeks.
Hi osterchrisi,
Thank you for your answer about the pedal's feature.
Just to reiterate, I use a lot of DIN SYNC signals so the
more DIN SYNC options the pedal has the more useful
it will be to me.

Right now, I am using an Innerclock Sync Shift mkII for
my MIDI -> DIN SYNC and DIN SYNC -> MIDI duties.
If there is a way of implementing something like the
SHIFT feature into this pedal it would really be something
I guess you guys are busy preparing for the release of the RH-301, but as I'm eagerly awaiting this pedal, I also have some questions.

Ideally I would like this beast to be the main clock for my entire set-up (all the other Koma pedals, some Moog, Snazzy FX, Eventide, etc.) and frankly it looks like it's going to work with most of my pedals (CVs, MIDI, etc.)

The only thing I'm unsure of is how I can also make it work with pedals with a audio/click track inputs (Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper and others) and I would ideally love to make it work with pedals with tap tempo inputs too...

Would you have any thoughts on the matter?
Hey man, I will look into this. Basically it should work though. I will get back to you after the weekend!
Thanks for taking the time to look into this!
When do you think this will come out? I don't need an exact date but you have 'pre-order now' on your website and have passed your expected shipping date. Have you started manufacturing?

I'm in the market for something like this at the moment (mainly the lfo part) and might hold off getting something else if you're close.
The RH-301 will be on sale and is available from 2 Sept 2013!
Looks like it could replace quite a few units for me thumbs up

Does it merge incoming MIDI with the internally generated MIDI clock? If so, have you given the clock top priority so that it is tight even if you throw quite a lot of MIDI data in?

I have a few MIDI syncable delays and loopers and they are hard to get to sync properly. But I also know it is possible if I feed them a very stable (non jittery) MIDI clock.
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