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Dual TM3030 Midi problem
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Author Dual TM3030 Midi problem
OK, I've just rebuilt my dual TM3030 (after swapping out unit 2 fro midi controllers for a work project).

Since I first built it I now have a Midi DAC on the modular (Krisp 1 built). When I use the Midi Thru on the dac to run TM3030 I get missed notes and stuck slide and no midi to unit 2.

When I run direct to TM3030, Unit 1 is fine and Unit 2 still gets no Midi. Its the same when I run both off separate midi interfaces (but thats a pain).

Heres a pic of my midi wiring which worked fine with initial build.

Any ideas? Cheers.

Oh yes I did search forums and there is something about it but its buried in some thread somewhere.
Ah found the thread......

Will try suggestions in there.
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