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CV sensitivity on Journeyman core module
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Author CV sensitivity on Journeyman core module
I have been finding the CV2 input to the Journeyman 1U module a little too sensitive for my tastes. This is the CV input that has the attenuator so you can go from -0.5V/octave to +0.5V/octave. However, I find that I very rarely take the CV2 attenuator to beyond 3 o'clock, which is about +1V/octave.

I am therefore recommending that R4 be made 150K instead of 100K. This reduces the scaling to around +/-0.75V/octave. You can of course leave yours as it is but I much prefer the decreased sensitivity. This change does not affect the dedicated CV 1 (ie the 1V/octave) input which remains the same.

The User Guide and schematic have been changed accordingly.

Since the SVF and COTA have the same +/-0.5V/octave sensitivity on their variable CV input too I think I'll being changing them too.

I wouldn't want to lose the wide range. A passive attenuator module might be useful here. I'll probably add one to my system before I get a Journeyman, or maybe design and build a utility module like the TLN-861 Dunsel but with a "divide by 2" feature. I'd also like a "multiply by 2" feature...

Ok, I like your idea. wink
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