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Oakley PSU, Yamaha line lump & Grounding?
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Author Oakley PSU, Yamaha line lump & Grounding?
Something occurred to me about this setup using a 2-pin Euro-style Yamaha PA30 - does that mean that the power supply (and therefore your system powered by it) is not grounded?
When using the PA-20, or 30, the modular will not be earthed via the power supply. However, the ground of the modular will be at the same 'voltage' as the earth the moment you connect it to something that is earthed like your amp, mixer, etc. Generally this will cause less problem with earth loops than if your modular was connected directly to earth. Detrimental ground or earth loops can be avoided by using balanced inputs and outputs but this is not always practical.

With the little Yamaha packs it does mean that your modular will float at an unspecified voltage until it is connected to something that is earthed. However, this is not a safety issue since the power packs are guaranteed not to have excessive current leakage from the mains supply. They are also designed so that even in the event of a failure they won't give you a shock.

But you do have the option to put a grounding socket onto your power supply. There is more information about this in the user manual.

Excellent, thanks for the detailed reply Tony.

I have a piece of gear that gets really upset if it's connected to something with a floating ground which means, ideally, I'd need to be able to earth the modular (powered by my Oakley PSU).

I guess I could make an Earth box: small enclosure with a 'kettle lead' socket and a banana jack, wire the banana jack to the earth pin of the power socket and plug it into the mains? Then to earth the Oakley PSU, wire up the banana socket as suggested in the PSU manual and connect a banana cable from there to my Earth box?

Is that a good idea or Dead Banana ?
neilbaldwin wrote:
I'd need to be able to earth the modular (powered by my Oakley PSU).

You could certainly build yourself a little earth box. Alternatively just attach the modular's banana grounding point to a part of your audio system that is connected to earth. Your mixing desk chassis for example. Some pro-audio desks and studio and hi-fi amplifiers will have ground tags on the back for this very purpose.

It will be worth a read of the internal power transformer section in the PSU User Manual too.

You may also want to check out why that other piece of gear doesn't like to be connected to floating equipment. That doesn't sound right at all.

I've got my PA30 secured inside my rack case. I've wired it up to a kettle type chassis connector on the back panel then run a wire from the connectors earth pin to an earth stud on the rack
Finished, tested and fired up my PSU today - all working great thumbs up

Thanks to Tony for his excellent build documentation and help along the way.

(Yeah, I need to order a switch hihi )
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