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I/O interface (plus mults) panel for a Roland M-120 mixer
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Author I/O interface (plus mults) panel for a Roland M-120 mixer
After going back and forth for months on what to do for audio mixing in my 5U MOTM/DotCom/COTK/Moon/etc I decided to go ahead and use a Roland M-120 mixer I already had and made an panel to bring most of the inputs and outputs to the fron to the rack. The bottom two racks of my synth are 12U and so after the two rows of 5U modules there is a 19" wide 2U high opening that has always been intended for DIY stuff. The Roland M-120 is a 1U high rack mount line mixer and my new panel will mount underneath it.

While I have two Oakley MultiMix mixers and they are really great, I was missing being able to do stuff that tradition sound mixers allow for, like stereo outputs, panning and effects sends. (I will still use the MultiMixes for control voltage mixing and audio sub mixes etc)

I still need to wire it up but I was too excited to wait to share so here are a couple pictures with the jacks and switches installed hyper :

The Roland M-120 has 12 mono input channels but instead of making all of them available I only used 8 (and made a couple other compromizes) so that I could fit in a small multiples section. The mults are basically 4 groups of three, that can be configured in two other ways by using the center off DPDT switch. So center off give me 4 groups of 3, switch up connects the two top groups together and the two bottom groups together which gives me 2 groups of 6 and with the switch down just the two right hand groups are connected together giving me 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 6.

This is just the first 8 inputs but I added mute switches for perfomance reasons.

Effects loop in/out with added mute switches on the sends. Also jacks for the mix input and monitor output.

The M-120 also has a seperate master out with LED VU meter and a great headphone amp! (and yes, I need to replace the stainless steel switch washers with chome ones! ;-)
JohnLRice wrote:
Effects loop in/out with added mute switches on the sends.

thumbs up Really nice panel, will look great in the rack. These send mutes would be great as On/Off/Momentry On switches as well for injecting short bursts into delay lines / verb.

Man, it sure would be sweet having a stereo VU of the modulars output, will really tie the whole system together.
Thanks DGTom!

Yeah, I probably should have used ON-OFF-MOMENTARY switches for the mutes! d'oh! hhhmmmm Oh well, I think it will be good enough for now since I have other Goldfish to fry, as you can see in the picture below, besided needing to wire this new panel up I still need to build my Neural Agonizer!!! oops

very nice!
parasitk wrote:
very nice!

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