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Library / Production Music LPs
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Author Library / Production Music LPs
I saw a guy here selling library music awhile back and thought I'd start a topic here.

What's your favorite library music company? KPM, Bruton, De Wolfe, Hudson, Conroy, Telemusic, MP2k, Sonoton, Parry, Network, or one of the others?

One of my favorites is Bernard Estardy who composed for Telemusic (among others.)

Music de Wolfe. Although, I've dug some incredible French electro-funk disco lately that was in the same league. Anyway, I like the art and overall quality of the de Wolfe stuff. Burton seems to be more "functionnal" sounding and has less of the magic I find.

I've yet to use any chopped stuff in my music. Soon maybe.

I'm not sure if I was the one your referring to but I did remember hitting you a PM about it.
Oh, man this is deep.

My favorite label is the MPI label from france, which I am trying so hard to collect.
The artwork is beautiful and the music is Jazz/Avante garde/Childrens all rolled into one.
Musique Pour Li Image_Waxidermy
I got all my information on this lovely forum which I still frequent.
Will come back with a few more recommendation.
Guinness ftw!
i dont know if I have a favorite one and I dont know too much about this stuff but I have gotten some really great library music from

Jack Trombey

Alan Parker

Roland Kovac.

Mods feel free to move this to Artist Discussion BTW.

Keith Papworth
Tod Dockstaders library music.
tim gueguen
Francis Monkman did some nice stuff.

And it was funny finding out that a bunch of the music from the old Spiderman cartoon from the late '60s was library music by Syd Dale and David Lindup. It's also interesting to see the productions library music was used for, often inappropriately. A good example would be using Keith Mansfield's "Disco Dynamite" as the closing music for Alien Attack, a compilation film of the Space: 1999 episodes "Breakaway" and "War Games."

Janko Nilovic
101 Strings series are all pretty good.
drewtoothpaste wrote:

Janko Nilovic

I have a few Janko Nilovic records. they are good ones for sure!
you should also check out some soundtracks too. pretty much everything I have heard from these guys is good.
big lover of library mostly the electronic stuff but also the more funk and other stuff too

no no1 favorite in lables, most them have some great stuff
but crea sound is really cool, coloursound too, sonoton has some great stuff, chappel too etc

the kovac stuff is great too, that label is pretty high quality (doesn't get really cheesy at all) their is blog with all those record of selected sound

i have some library stuff on my youtube channel (+ other stuff)

check it out
if you're looking for something let me know
nice! I like piero umiliani. I only have a few of his soundtracks but I do like a lot of the more funk and psych type stuff.
Thanks de raaf, I'm gonna listen to your uploads while I work today. And Wes - do you have the original pressings of those Nilovic LPs? they're crazy expensive every time I've seen one for sale!
a lot of the great library lp's are pretty expensive

thats way i only have 4 or 5 of them on lp (modular eats all the moeny), but collected quite an amount over the years from blogs and the internet, i guess around 150 or more albums

i really like listening to them because its more about atmosphere and stuff than your typical song writing
No, Pretty much all my records are reissues
not a big deal but 101 Strings is Easy Listening genre meant as a mainstream album release afaik, but vintage library music is neat because you might have heard it but you don't know until you start hunting and researching to find more.
i don't have orgianl janco nivolic lps myself, i think there was one reissue or so few years ago not sure
most of his stuff is really great

i have a couple roger roger lp's nino nardini lp's
there are some i want really bad, but they cost most of the time 100$ or euro or not much lower
been a while i searched to buy library lps, i know the ones i got it got at a very good price, so with a bit of searching some stuff can pop up cheaper, but patience is the key, but in the last years there seems to be a bigger interest/demand

there is a lot of awesome and interesting stuff
i also love the whole underwater themed electronic library lp's out there, most are pretty good

i also love a lot of soundtracks, lot of italian soundtracks
oh yeah! I have a bunch of italian soundtracks. seems like all I want to buy these days are italian soundtracks and library records.
I got a couple of the Nilovic reissues (Chorus is awesome), so glad that stuff is getting repressed. I'd never drop $100+ for a record, I don't think.

More Janko Nilovic.
I never thought I would spend $100 on a record and I still haven't but I got close with $80 but I have noticed that a lot of stuff I buy is easily $30 but there has been a few that were $60 too. oh...the one I paid $80 for was on ebay and my max bid was $150 I am glad I only paid 80 for it
Bosworth anybody ? I believe the first commercially available library music comp was " The Super Sounds of Bosworth " on the great Trunk label, which I can highly recommend. Strut records also did a Bosworth comp a few years later focusing on more dance floor friendly tracks.

Speaking of Bernard Estardy I have a lusciously produced album by him called "La Formule du Baron", re-issued a few years back, worth tracking down if you like his stuff.

Yes I also agree that Roundtable is hitting the mark with some of their re-issues. Kicking myself for missing the Alessandroni Library lp they did...sold out quick. The Tuscan Castle and Country Seat lp defies belief.....
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