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Look what I found
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Author Look what I found

Arrived yesterday from an Ebay deal

Plugged it in, added a bit of delay and reverb and to test the external input a MAQ16/3 driving an SMS MARS, wonderful.

(EDIT) better link, uplicated below

The touch plate doesn't seem very responsive, probably would benefit from a polish to remove the dull patina.

Wonderful little toy.
I can't see where to click to d/l the file. I see the file name, but it isn't clickable on my Mac via Safari.
Kent wrote:
I can't see where to click to d/l the file. I see the file name, but it isn't clickable on my Mac via Safari.

Same here on a PC with IE 8 waah
Wow, wierdness! It's at the very bottm of the page where it says "Click Here To Download"! hmmm..... huh?

Try this short cut maybe:
(edit: it didn't work)
Sounds cool by the way! thumbs up
Sorry guys, maybe I should start using Soundcloud.

I notice that when I click the link there is a little counter at the bottom which after a short while says click to download. It worked with Firefox just now.

very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating

Try this,
Thanks John, I've been wanting to get some of Tom's stuff for awhile, especially his modular, so I'm happy with this for now.
Nice find!

I just got confused by the image - I delved back to figure when I'd made that (turns out its an Audioweevil06 - I've actually got a PDF instruction sheet if you want) - I got confused because the controls on yours seem to be in the opposite direction?! Ah, but then I realized it was probably a webcam pic making it backwards!

So, yes - nice find!

You're probably right on the touchplates -- you can use a very fine emery board or brasso or similar -- I used to use a Polifix block for polishing
Hi Tom,

PDF would be nice thank you, I'll PM you my e-maul address.

I assumed it was an older model and yes the controls are reversed in the pic.

Sounds lovely. I'll buff it up over the weekend.

For cleaning I suggest a little baking soda and white vinegar or you can substitute ingredients for pure lemon juice as the acid and salt for the abrasive.

Any combination will yield good results. I also have a 2006 model and play it daily so I do regularly clean the touch plate.

Cheers for the suggestion Dog
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