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STG Euro to 15v conversion?
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Author STG Euro to 15v conversion?
OK, so I have a Euro Sea Devils Filter, but it is really deep. Too deep for my Goike boat. It would fit nicely in my Frac rack, however. So, here's the question; are those connectors on the board that look like 15v MOTM/Blacet style connectors really that? Can this thing be hooked up to a Blacet PSU with no modifications? I recall reading that the board was the same for all versions of the STG modules, but I obviously don't want to risk blowing it up without a definitive answer. If anyone knows for sure, or has had any experience with this, I'd really appreciate hearing from you!!
That's exactly what that connector is, yes. However, there are a few differences between the SDF versions in the power supply and theres a resistor that would need to be swapped. The module would then need recalibrated.

I'd suggest emailing Suit directly: erwill (at) suitandtieguy (dot) com and he can sort you out.

An alternative is mounting the pcb with angle brackets so it goes behind another shallower module.

Future SDF will be SMT and won't pose a problem.

Has anyone actually carried through with this conversion?

edit to add: Or is it better to just start with the MU versions?
If you're talking about the 15V modification, I modded monstrinho's SDF not long after he posted this.
Yep I am. I'd like to add this filter to my Modcan A system, so I'm looking for the most straight forward conversion.
I don't know if any of the information here is relevant to your version of the SeeDevils but the original circuit STG used was adapted from the Yusynth one. (you may already know this ;-)
Thanks. I don't have the time or space to really do DIY anymore, so these days I'm looking more to adapt ready made stuff. I don't have a SDF yet, so I'm trying to figure out what would be the most pain free version to bring to my Modcan.
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