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EFG - cheaper to buy pre-populated board?
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Author EFG - cheaper to buy pre-populated board?
In general I'm very much into populating boards myself - I'm a noob and its good to learn! But I'm in need of an envelope follower in a hurry and on a budget (its for a university project).

I noticed that you can buy pre-populated boards for £46 whilst sourcing stuff from mouser + an empty board comes to more than 0ae5ef about £56 (according to jectGUID=55149E53-41E0-4E80-91FB-92844CE7BDEC - I already have my own jacks).

Am I missing anything or am i better off getting pre-populated in this case?
Ah, sorry about this but the pre-populated board was sold before Christmas. I hadn't updated the webpage. oops

Plenty of bare PCBs though.

The pre-pop boards that I sell tend to be prototype ones that I have built up to test the PCB layout. So they are very much one offs. Paul Darlow (aka Krisp1) may be able to supply pre-populated boards though so it may be worth e-mailing him to see whether he can help you.

cool, thanks for letting me know.
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