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So no ones mentioned HVM / SE1 yet?
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Author So no ones mentioned HVM / SE1 yet?
Paradigm X
Saw these a week ago and was waiting for the announcement.

can i assume no rare parts and usual oakley standard? Heck yes!

we're not worthy
I'm not into DIY, but if I were, that SE1 would seem pretty intriguing.
Off course one could hope that it won't contain any rare parts,
but I think it's a bit optimistic to assume it with something that is likely to be BBD based.
Paradigm X
I can but dream...

I'm very excited about these two new projects I must confess...
The HVM uses only standard parts. For the SE1 I'm still not sure whether to use vintage NOS or new. I have built one with the older readily available Panasonic ones and that works just fine. But I'm less keen on doing it with these for the PCB run. The HVM boards should be with me in early March.

Paradigm X
I have a ton of questions about these but must wait until its unveiled!

Im really hoping it will do what i want it to.

the bad producer
Both of those look really very nice! Hopefully I can clear a bit of backlog ready for their arrival
I was waiting to hear about these two as well, and something else!
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