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pops, clicks
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Author pops, clicks
hi guys. i'm trying to pinpoint a problem and need some help

i recently got a ghettorack setup from randal and a doepfer DIY power supply. everything seems to be working great except now that i'm using it and monitoring/recording the output, I'm getting very random faint, quick "static-y" pops/clicks. i've tried very simple scenarios like 1 oscillator into a VCA out to my computer. or 1 oscillator into my new Z5000 in to my computer. whatever the configuration the clicks still happen.

I ruled out my macbooks line in input - it doesn't happen when a dead cable is plugged in.

I thought it might be my cables but I just purchased brand new ones but it continues.

it seems to happen more often when I'm patching so logic tells me there's some sort of power issue? anyone have any feedback?

I was thinking I could unplug all modules and start one at a time..but that doens't sound fun. lol Anyway, just wanted to check if this sounded like a familiar issue.

Thanks diymuffz
are you running the synth directly into the pc and then through the pc to a monitoring sytem? I ask becuase your synth is spititng out a much hotter signal than line level. Given you are monitoring through the pc you could be clipping the signal.
the macbook audio input has an "input volume" slider in the preferences and it's pretty much all the way down cause yes, the signal coming in is pretty hot. i'm sure i'm not clipping there.

I notice tho - especially now with the tiptop z5000 and I have a delay on...that the clicks are actually affected by the dealy! wouldn't this mean that this click is coming from the modular?
You could still be clipping the input circuitry in the Mac. The software volume control probably isn't going to be helpful there. Try putting a physical attenuator between the output of your modular and the input of your Mac.
try use a balanced cable
cool. I'll have my MOTU back sometime more of this straight into laptop schtuff.
FWIW I found this informative video:

That video is both odd and highly informative. I think i'll attempt a few of these cables. thx
but it does indeed sound like something is wrong in the synth... I'd try stripping the patch down and troubleshooting it that way around first.
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