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Croglin dual gang pot
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Author Croglin dual gang pot
My apologies if this topic has been around before. My feeble search attempts found nothing on the subject.

1K dual gang LIN pots seem to be as rare as hen's teeth. I managed to find a local supplier that carries
1K dual gang linear pots in stock but those also have a built in on-off switch.
That switch might be a Dead Banana in off position.

Another supplier has 2K dual gangs in stock. Wide dead zone in the end of the travel?

Are either of them actually any good for the job?
For suppliers of this elusive one I know only of Banzai.

Bummer. I take it that the pots I found are out of the question then. sad banana

I don't need anything else from Banzai and ordering just one pot is not very cost effective.

I guess I need to ask some of the local dealers if they can get their hands on those pots through their suppliers.
Tayda have them: y-potentiometer/linear/1k-ohm-linear-dual-taper-potentiometer.html

I recently ordered a handful of bits from them including some dual pots - quality looks okay, delivery was quite cheap and the order arrived in about ten days.
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