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Focusrite Scarlet
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Author Focusrite Scarlet
I have a focusrite Scarlet...It is AC output...I am assuming like the Saffire but USB...What would be the best option for me to get silent way working to its full potential without damaging any of my modules.

Which Scarlett do you have? There are several of them.
Pardon me for resurrecting this thread, but I have the same question and am a new guy. I have the Scarlett 2i2... what would you say? Thanks!
There's not much you can do with a 2i2. It's AC coupled, and if you use its 2 outputs for CVs, what are you going to use for audio?
Thanks os for your reply. To answer your question, I don't own a modular (yet), but was thinking in using CV for an old monophonic synth, so I can still have the other output. As I understand, the ES-1 is suited to work with an AC coupled interface?
You probably want two signals (CV & gate) for an old synth.

The ES-1 does work with an AC coupled interface, yes.
Thanks for that nugget. I'm actually still a bit lost on this whole audio to CV/Gate thing, and know next to nothing about electronics, so I would like to ask some further questions:

In ( you generously offer a less sophisticated DIY solution for this very same problem, which I assume will also work for the Scarlett 2i2 although it is uncertain, and still unconfirmed.

My question is, does this interfacing circuit require external power? I can't seem to find any info pertaining this on that page. Perhaps it's just too obvious, but as I said, I barely know electronics.

Thanks again for all your patience!
If you're referring to the simple diode/capacitor circuit, then no, it requires no power.

I have a focusrite Scarlett 8i6 USB and Expert Sleepers ES-40/Esx8GT/Es7 and i am wondering if it will workIt Does have SPDIF in/out but the Scarlett mixer if quite complicated before i begin i am wondering if this is even been proven to work?

I would love some feedback or assistance

Thank you
I would expect that to work.
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