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Superladder - desensitising the audio inputs
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Author Superladder - desensitising the audio inputs
I've been playing around with the current Superladder board and made some changes to the gains within the circuit. Essentially, it prevents the unit from overdriving so easily and makes the self-oscillation louder. Whether this is an improvement is highly subjective, but I certainly feel its more Moogy and less aggressive in normal operation.

The old design started overdriving around 1V pk, the newer one won't do so until 3V pk.

Probably not worth changing any existing modules you have, unless you don't like the overly sensitive inputs.

User Guide and schematic have been updated.


R9 = 100K
R43, 53, 67 & 57 = 22K 1% MF
R51 = 22K
R55 = 15K

R9 is the value to play with if you want to experiment. The old value is 33K and the bigger you make it the less sensitive the audio input becomes. However, increasing R9 means that the signal level within the ladder drops - so the output gain needs to be increased accordingly - hence, all the other changes.

The TWEAK and BAL trimmer will need to be recalibrated if you change an existing board.
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