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MPC 500 + Modular synth?
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Author MPC 500 + Modular synth?
Wondering if anybody had experience sampling the modular live and making beats out of those sounds... and how easy it was to work with. I'd love to get a MD UW but... $1750, fuck that. lol. Just curious if it was a good combo. Pretty neat that it's portable too! smile
Suburban Bather
I think DGTom uses an MPC to clock his modular. Pretty sure he wouldn't let the sampling and sequencer go to waste. Shoot him a PM.
i tried this with an mpc and modular but i just got fed up with the mpc and sold that piece of crap makeing my eyes squint for that crap menu i rather just play with the modular.
the bad producer
I built an interface for my MPC into my modular, so that I could use my CV sequencers/pulse/trigger/logic stuff to trigger off samples (like a trigger to MIDI device, rather than MIDI to trigger), I route the samples thru the 8 individual outs, back through the modular for processing. I can trigger 64 samples concurrently and at audio frequencies...

I also use the MPC to trigger stuff, and act as a kind of CV sampler (requires some scaling/division on the modular) to control stuff back through the modular - I got that idea from Tom at Analogue Solutions and experimented with it a bit - I think someone else mentioned something similar on the forum recently... can't find it at the mo.....

anyway, what I mean to say is I think an MPC and a modular are like pineapple and cheese on a cocktail stick...

At risk of bringing fire upon myself ( razz ) I going to sell my MD cos it's just not as fun!
I'd go for the MPC2500 over the 500... the 1000 isn't bad but having a numeric keypad on the 2500 makes step editing way easier. The 500 runs off the same engine, more or less, but unless you need something super-portable, it's probably a bit hard to work on compared to the others.
I hate my MPC 500. way too much menu diving and shift-button pressing.

I'd get the 1000 at least.
John Nonjohn
My MPC 2000XL's screen has burned out . . . it's very pixelated and very frustrating to use, now. I'll probably get another screen for it, in a couple of months. I know the MPC like the back of my hand! I wish it could hold more samples in memory; I think it maxes out at 256 samples in memory--so lame! I guess that's why I have the S5000--lots more samples in memory, but drum samples off the S5000 are not as punchy as drum sounds off the MPC. I used to play live with the MPC; now I'm thinking about getting a laptop. The modular is too big to travel with (unless someone wants to join my band and help move it around!), so any laptop will be a compromise, but much more portable. Oh well! Damn tangents! Just thinking out loud! LOL!
the bad producer wrote:
I built an interface for my MPC into my modular

I have been meaning to do this forever! fuckit, got a pile of re-claimed 1/4" sockets on the bench at the moment & it needs doing!

I've been tempted by the MD so many times... but then... velocity -> sample start, 16 levels... oh my! Really, 256 samples in memory at once is alot, especially once you start filtering, stacking etc. I really like the sound of the Akai engine & the FX card, cheap verb+delay love

John Nonjohn wrote:
I know the MPC like the back of my hand!

thumbs up As important as it is to have a non-pixalated screen waah there isn't really that much peering at the screen once you know your way around.

Do NOT get an MPC if you wanna step sequence like a TR tho, that shit will drive you nuts! Just turn the quantize off & bang.

the 500 does seem like a toy tho, how many outs does it have maximum? I rekon for the same price you coud find an old biege 2KXL, drop an SD card drive in it & away you go! Its the 8 outputs that really make interfacing it with the modular so awesome. Once you start clocking modular sequencers from the pads you'll never wanna stop.

This vid is terrible quality, but;

the 'lead' synth is getting a 16 step sequence & the sequencer is being clocked by the MPC, so each MPC pattern has a differant feel / timing for the same 16 steps, most obvious @ about 1min in.
since I got into the modular I have hardly turned my MPC1000 and 4000 on.

maybe I should and maybe I will

but at the moment:

menus? OS bugs, start up time, data loss, fuck them, they are just not musical

the bad producer
Cool DGTom, that's what we're talking about...

Dunno about these MPC 500/1000 things, wanna get a 2000XL, 8 outs, FX etc... Though I branched out into S3000's too (soooooooo cheap!)

Friend of mine got an MPC cos he liked mine so much, but he got a 2500, nice piece of kit... if it didn't have that silver knob - WTF? he sold it for a loss, just crap that knob, what are Akai doing? He's got a 2000 now...

Whats that SD card trick? Maybe I should Google, got any tips? I had a SCSI -> USB but it died (twas shit anyway).

One thing the MPC does not do - sampling and looping on the fly, that'd be good with a modular - Boss 404 is good for that...

hihi akai seem to get it right sometimes, just by pure chance, most times they just F it up... I wish the 2KXL had the same jog wheel as the 2K... but loading the OS from disk everytime you power up is long.

I bought an SD card drive from a guy on eBay, in Las Vegas of all places... he was selling them as "MPC floppy replacement kits" require'd a little open heart surgery to make an 'adapter' cable but it basically replaced the floppy & with a USB SD adapter thingo from the $2 shop I can chuck stuff back & forward between the computer, save the full memory into a single folder etc. etc. The MPC can't use the whole card - it doesn't know what 2GB is hmmm..... but its a small compromise to never, NEVER use scsi ever, EVER again!

The guy I bought my machine from sent 2 zip drives with it.... I pissed away at least $100 on those stupid disks... finally binned the lot!

There is a site in the US that specializes in MPC stuff, MPC forum is a good place to start, there was a wierd thread on gearslutz a little while ago that indicated something may be fishy with em tho.
the bad producer
Thanks DGTom,

I did a bit of research, seems SCSIforsamplers is the company you talk of (which may or may not be dodge) but it looks like there is plenty of info to DIY, and there is a Russian guy selling bits to do it, who has no negative ebayfeedback.

I remembered going to the MPC forum before, to get info to change my screen after it died. I got a new one but I think it was for the old 2000, so the leads weren't long enough. Fucking nightmare!

Kendall Station
I use an MPC1000 with JJOS 2xl and rrive my modular with that, sometimes with a cv-gate converter or drive a cv sequencer. I love it. The optional JJ OS is a *lot* more packed with features / fx than the Akai OS and easier to use (graphical piano-roll sequencer vs. a list of events).

Its pretty easy to record percussion, loops, or generally odd samples from the modular and have it integrated into the MPC in a minute or so.

Do it.
michael stein
This is my set-up which all revolves the MPC-1000 as my main sequencer. Paired with the FR Mobius for midi to CV clock/gate divisions, din sync and the Encore Expressionist for controlling the modular and other analog synths it integrates into my studio very well.

MPC500 are about £140-£150 now

are they worth the dough?
Infinity Curve
The interface isn't very fun, sampling on it isn't as fun as the bigger ones. 1000's are cheap now, get one of those, or a 2500. If you just want to load it with samples and finger drum, probably all good. If you want to do a lot of in depth sampling and sequencing magic, not so much
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