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Look what's on the way!
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Author Look what's on the way!
Muff Wiggler

The wooden cabinet, not the modules in it (or the Bass or other gear).

Holds 16 modules (8 per rack), includes all the cables you see on the top.

Also, under the table you can see the power supply - a 1.5amp PowerAll, also housed in the nice custom wooden cabinetry!

The cabinet boxes each have 2 Blacet PSCONN units inside of them, and the wiring between the power supply box and the two module cabinets is by detachable cables with sockets.

Yeah, I'm pretty stylin' now! It's gonna hold my Metalbox Drum Rig (currently being built for me by Michael over at Metalbox). Can't wait!

razzafrazzitlintoodamnslowonthetrigger... smile
Muff Wiggler
heheh I know ... sorry oops

doesn't temper my excitement though

couldn't say no - the price was oh so right

Basically for the cost of a single Blacet PS5000, Blacet Rack & PSCONN, all of which I need to fit the new modules I'm waiting on... I got this instead 8)

Shipping will be a bit more, but that's OK.

Perfect storm of timing as well - I need more rack space for the modules that are shipping to me, I don't have room in my towers anymore (all three are full), I don't have space to erect a 4th tower, and needed to figure out what I wanted to do.

Then Steve posted this for sale. Perfect solution to all my current problems.

Took me about 30 seconds to say "YES!"

Nice thing about having a Blackberry and a pocket-web-browser, I can move pretty damn fast on posted items and I always check for sale forums when sitting in traffic, airplanes etc.

I'm pretty damn fastonthetrigger when I need to be 8)
those look friggin beautiful.
i really need to put my remaining frac modules into a wooden cabinet.
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