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Filtrex II begginers resistor issue
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Author Filtrex II begginers resistor issue
hi there this is my first post and my first project so sorry if this seems like a stupid question....

I'm playing by the book as I don't know the rules to break them yet, so I'm a little confused about which resistor to use for R116 as the schematic says 100r and the builders guide says 47r...?

I guess I could do both to see how it effects the sound, however if someone else already knows I would be grateful to know.

also if anyone could explain a little about how it would effect the circuit that would be great.

Also another simple one, the image of the filtrex ii on the site shows u11 and u15 to be different to that recommended... e-Regulator-ST-47-3295

just wondered what it was?


Hi Sean,

Welcome to the forum. thumbs up

In general the Builder's Guide parts list is the one to follow. I do make the occasional small update to the designs and the BG is the one that shows the changes. The schematic tends to only get updated if the changes are substantial.

The 7815 is a generic part and the prefix refers normally to the manufacturer. So the L7815 and LM7815 are both the same part. The LM being typically made by National and the L being made by ST. They both look the same though. Bear in mind that the photo on the site shows them mounted upright on the board and fitted with a small heatsink which has to be bought separately. There's more about those in the general Construction Guide.

Oh, and R116 sets the minimum frequency of the LFO. 47R allows the LFO to go slower than 100R would.

Thanks for the reply tony, and again a massive thanks for making this available.

I thought they looked like heat sinks but it shows the level at which i am at where i felt i had to ask- same with the resistor difference. Having said that, not that I claim to understand the behavior of the circuit at all but I am finding assembly 'a breeze' with all the information and guides you've spent time creating.

Again much appreciated.

all the best


Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.
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