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ft201 questions
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Author ft201 questions
crystal hell pool
hi, i have been freaking on the ft 201. wanna get one. what is with the sequencer output? is it note on/off or what? was all hyped on the murf but i never liked how it didnt have an "animation"/ sequence out. let me know! thanks everyone!
The output of the sequencer of the FT201 is the combined (internal) control voltage of the cutoff knob and the sequencer itself. The sequencer has a range of 2.5V and can be offset by the Cutoff knob for another 2.5V.
Due to the internal circuitry the lowest voltage possible is 1.5V and the highest voltage possible is ~6.3V, so on the top end the voltage gets squashed together a bit.

There is no 'note on / note off' since the notes on the FT201 are always on wink If you are into DIY and you like voiding your warranty there would be more signals to get out of the sequencer, like the clock, the reset trigger etc.
crystal hell pool
Hi, thanks for the info! Now i can start saving up for one! Heh i wish someone made a sort of eg/vca pedal for all the moogerfoogers, and maybe some other bonus feature.
You can use the Moog Boost minifooger as a very simple VCA - I had one lying around and it is now part of my moogerfooger / koma / vermona 1/4" system.
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