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Modules for bass pedal keyboard
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Author Modules for bass pedal keyboard
Having searched a bit and drawn a blank, I'd better tap into your collective brains.

I'm looking to DIY a very very basic modular system (VCO, VCF, VCA, EG to start with) I want some tuneful bass sounds to get more depth
and texture to an accoustic guitar based group, kinda hypnotic, rythmic, trance-like music. I'm asking you kind peeps to recomend a VCO and VCF.

I know that a system of this size will have limited funtionality, therefore I'd like each module to be packed with features and loads of knobs/jacks woah

I'm leaning toward the Moogy flavour of VCF but having no experience in using modular systems I am at a loss as to what specific design. Yusynth
and Oakley both have nice looking Moog-a-like filters, any others?

The VCO has got to be temperature stable and accurately tunable - I plan to use this setup live. I assume I need a VCO design with a tempco resistor?

I'm settled on a 5U system because of ergonomics more than anything else. I want to expand the system into a full on skyscraper of a modular
in the future. Thanks for your help guys.


edit: I will control this with my feet, using pedals like an organ.
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