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New User Guide format
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Author New User Guide format
In the next few days we will see a new form of project documentation take shape. The older one stop User Guides will slowly be phased out and replaced by a 'project bundle' of four separate PDF files:

1. A project User Manual

This will contain a basic introduction, module specifications and how to use the module. It will be applicable to anyone who has a module, but is primarily geared to those who have a ready made module who don't need all the DIY stuff.

2. A project Builders Guide

This is the parts list, how to test and calibrate, how to build any special parts to the module. It may also include schematics and a 'how it works' section too.

3. A generic Construction Guide

This will contain information about building the modules, from populating PCBs to making up interconnects. It will not contain information specific to any one module, but instead will be a generalised guide to building our modules. It will replace all the building instructions of the older User Guides that are common to all of our modules.

4. A generic Parts Guide

This will replace the 'Buying and sourcing parts' section in the older User Guides. It will contain handy hints on buying parts and also go through the various types of parts we use on the modules. It also has the Farnell and Rapid codes for the most common parts we use.

The two generic guides will be able to updated far more easily than updating individual User Guides. For example the recent change from Vishay to BI TT pots means that the pot mounting section in all the project User Guides really should be changed. This is all very time consuming to do for all the projects we supply. Having just one file to change whenever there is any component change will be much simpler and quicker to do. It will also ensure that the most up to date information is available to everyone.

The first project that this applies to will be the Compact PSU but the older ones will be updated as time allows.

The links to the generic files will be on both the new project pages and on the main modular projects page:

I should also add that the source ODT (OpenOffice) files for both generic documents will be available on the website. You'll be able to download and edit these for your own uses, and if you like, you can send the edited versions back to me so your input can be added to the official guides. All input will, of course, be credited.

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