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Has anyone ever...
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Author Has anyone ever...
... rehoused blacet frac into another format (4U)? Im thinking repanel them, pots to PCB via flying wire and mount PCB's parallel to the faceplate.

It sounds a bit mental but I reckon with a bit of creative thinking you could layout a couple of frac modules in a space equivalent to one buchla module... and I have an empty 6 space boat here... and I cant afford to fill it with buchla.

Could be a very cool patchpal project!?! Somebody stop me!!!!
i have plans to make Serge-style panels of quite a few of my Blacets. it's definitely possible, but it's easier if the PC board has holes drilled already for stand offs. The Time Machine for example is quite doable.

Imagine a 4U 16" panel with dual Time Machine, Stonz, Miniwave...
Im imagining a panel with maximum synth powerz! More on that tomorrow.

I noticed that some of the PCBs are already layed out for standoffs and others arent earlier... sure a workaround is possible. Ive a couple of non blacet things Id like to house too if possible, though will have to look at that in more detail.

By my rule of thumb 6 buchla modules = 12 blacet frac plus (hopefully) some bonuses where modules arent too dense. I wonder if the doepfer A199 runs on 15v.
yes but you have to consider the size of Blacet PCB's, some of them are over 6"! so although you may be able to fit the knobs and jacks in a small space, the boards will take up a lot of real estate when laid lengthwise. obviously doube-stacking is essential...
I was for a while considering repaneling everything and adding bananas. kind of decided against the latter though. still might repanel, but keep in frac, just because the blacet panel font is a bit wonky imo.
^ that was what I was planning to do with this setup originally- wanted to house it in a shallow rack with a single front panel. I like the idea of getting even more compact though, and have an empty buchla format rack that I cant really afford to fill full of buchla... though DIY is an option.

Im not a fan of blacet panels myself, the modules are incredible though. Ill poke around today and try to settle on something... In my head blacet PCBs fit inside the dimensions of a single buchla panel, so with stacking and the right choice of modules I should be able to redesign around 2 x blacet to 1 x buchla panel.
So after a quick fiddle the VCO's look like they would fit perfectly behind a buchla format panel. Other than the klangwerk which is deeper I think the rest are the same as the VCO or smaller.

Klangwerk is annoying though since its a fraction over- it could be made to fit but would have to mount to the boat rather than the faceplate.

The other things that might be problematic are the non blacet stuff Id like to put in there- STG wavefolder should be fine, not so sure on the MOTM1490 and encore freq shifter. Both will be doable but potentially less flexible in terms of changing the layout.
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