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Bulk Cable and 1/4" heads
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Author Bulk Cable and 1/4" heads
I'm starting a 5u cabinet fairly soon. My system is all euro at the moment, so I need to get some 1/4" cables. Does anyone have some linkage to decent quality bulk cable and the 1/4" heads so I can roll my own cables?

Try Redco. I've had good experiences with them in the past.
I agree!
science's recommendation is a good one. They are about 25 miles from place and I've been down to see their gig. Good peeps, and well organized. They've made some custom cables for me in the past at a great rate and high quality.

I use neutrik NYS224 from redco for 1/4" jacks and NYS226L for 1/8" jacks when making my own patch cables. Canare GS-4 instrument cable has worked well for me. I buy their shrink tubing and use it across the entire length to get colored patch cables.
I love Redco and have purchaced a fair amount from them! But, I also love Full Compass and they often have better prices than Redco! (Just FYI FWIW Eric Radej is my sales guy and has always taken good care of me!)

For instance, take Canare GS-6 cable:

At Redco the price per foot is:
1-655 $0.80
656-999 $0.74
1000+ $0.69

But at Full Compass the price per foot is:
10 - 40 $0.93
50 - 90 $0.70
100 - 240 $0.61
250+ $0.58

50 feet at Redco is $39.20 but 50 feet at Full Compass is only $35. So, if you only need 43 feet or less Redco will be cheaper, other wise Full Compass will save you some money. thumbs up
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