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Ready built Compact PSU
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Author Ready built Compact PSU
I have been contacted about building up some ready built compact PSU's and I thought I would offer it out there to anyone who is in need of a ready to go small PSU
How you power it is up to you there are many options I'm using a cheep £5 wall wart and getting a nice clean 200 mA of 15V+-

The price will be 50 GBP + shipping (a non refundable £15 deposit must be paid to secure a Compact PSU. I have lots of stock sat around from People saying I will take 2 and not following up so I'm asking for a small deposit to cover my self)

This will be a one off at the moment Im not planing on adding this built up for stock

I will be building some up anyway so if you want in on it please E-Mail me through
I'm letting this run until Friday the 2nd
Then I'm building them
Mr Oakley was less than impressed with my home made efforts of a power me down for one lol.
last Call
this will be cut off tomorrow
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