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ADDAC Opportunities * SALE * Scratched, bent, prototypes
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Author ADDAC Opportunities * SALE * Scratched, bent, prototypes
Hello all,

We've decided to create this Announcement thread to post opportunity items from us.

We'll be posting them as they are available, they can be modules with minor scratches, bent corners, etc... or frames with some imperfections...
We'll describe the item condition here and can send pictures if you're interested.

We'll be updating the list regularly so that the it's up to date!

This will be a good way for some of you to get some ADDAC products at lower prices.

This will not be announced elsewhere, only here at muff's.

Please PM us or send us an email if you're interested!

all the very best

Current Opportunity List

ADDAC102 VC FM Radio minor scratch = 216€
ADDAC200 Gold panel 4HP multiples = 30€
ADDAC202 Amplifiers minor scratch = 85€
ADDAC203 CV Mapping with slightly bent corner = 80€
ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer white Leds = 320€
ADDAC302 Nchunk Control with silver panel = 250€
ADDAC401 Gated Env. Follower with slightly bent corner = 180€
ADDAC401 Gated Env. Follower version 1 with no Offset Gate Input = 130€
ADDAC602 Passive Ring Modulator minor scratch = 100€

ADDAC901D Diamond frame Kit 6U old wood = 70€
ADDAC901T 12U Tabletop Kit old wood = 130€
ADDAC901 Upright 3U old wood = 100€
PM'd~~~~~~! It's peanut butter jelly time!
crystal hell pool
Pm'ed about diamond frame, not sure if its getting thru
crystal hell pool wrote:
Pm'ed about diamond frame, not sure if its getting thru

might be best to email addac as well. i know andre had some issues with his account access here recently.

addac [at] addacsystem [dot] com
crystal hell pool
OK thanks Sandy!
the damaged intuitive quantizer is the same price as an undamaged one.... Is that right?
I don't see the word "damaged" seriously, i just don't get it
is this list active? hmmm.....
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