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Blacet Module Help? Please??
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Author Blacet Module Help? Please??
Does anyone have any high res photos of the completed component side of the pcbs?

Im working on several of the kits and once and need something to double check my work.
if you've got the kits you should have all the documentation too, including a diagram of parts placement on the pcb! that is your best reference. sometimes parts do not look the same between kits. if you are unsure about a resistor value you should have a digital multimeter (DMM) to measure the value (i *hate* getting mixed up between red and orange). cap values always have values printed on them but you might need a strong magnifier to read them. use nothing less that a 2x. sometimes i use a 10x loupe to read the really tiny print. make sure you have a bright halogen desklamp for soldering work.

so what kits are you working on, and what are you stuck on?
The Klangwerk, Binary Zone, and The Mini-wave are the most daunting ones right now..
well, i think of those three, the miniwave is probably the most straightforward. where are you stuck or unsure? do you have the full documentation?
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