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Aluminum panel for 701 VCO ?
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Author Aluminum panel for 701 VCO ?
I’ve heard that it possible to order front panels for ADDAC modules in different colors ($ 63 per panel was mentioned if I remember right…).
I fell in love with my two new ADDAC 701 VCO's and I must say that the lettering is very clear for it's size, even to my ageing eyes, but the panel is so BLACK amidst all those aluminum colored modules...

Would it be possible to order two panels for the 701 VCO in Aluminum (or if Aluminum is not possible grey or white) with black print, to be send to the Netherlands ? And how do I proceed to order them from you ?

(PS. I wonder also if it would be possible to make a Lisajous Curves Module where the curves are actually formed from two audio signals, like in a scope using x and y axis. They could then for example be fed back to modulate the same signal sources that produce the curves… May be neat I think… I sure would be interrested in one…)
I'm pretty sure you can get any kind of panels you want if you are willing to pay for it. you should email ADDAC directly. that's what I did to get a different panel.
Happy that ADDAC is sending me two custom panels and matching black knobs for my 701 VCO's. w00t!!
Wonderful Customer Service ! applause applause applause
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