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Flux ??
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Author Flux ??
tony d
I am wondering if people are using flux on ther pcb's ?
I know the solder i use contains flux but are you guys ever applying flux to the boards also ?
Just curious to see peoples opinions and results on this.i haven't had any issues so far without using flux but am wondering if it makes for better connections.
Also, i would like some product recommendations if anyone has positive results.
Thanks, Tony
The only time I've used additional flux is when soldering surface mount components, and the ony reason for that is because some of the methods used for surface mount soldering tends to boil away much of the flux contained in the solder wire, so extra flux is sometimes very useful. For that I generally just use a Kester flux pen. There are bottle and brush varieties as well and it really just comes down to personal preference.

For through hole soldering, all the flux you should need is inside the solder. If you need more flux than that because of oxidation or grime, you should probably just do a thorough cleaning of the pads and component leads rather than dodge the issue with more flux.
tony d
Thanks, That is what i was hoping to hear. Just was wondering what was considered good practice for through hole.
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