My new acoustic - Guild GAD-30R

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My new acoustic - Guild GAD-30R

Post by Muff Wiggler » Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:51 am

Put some money aside early in the year to buy a decent acoustic. I'm very picky about guitars and feel it's one instrument you really need to find one that you're in LOVE with. Took me 12 years to find the right electric to replace the one that a bandmate owned so long ago that he left at my house and I fell in love with, but he wouldn't sell.

Anyway I've been playing a lot the last couple of years and singing songs (which I had a very hard time with previously, but having kids helps a lot) and it got to the point where I really needed a decent acoustic. I've owned classicals and electrics for years, but never a steel-string acoustic. And when you want that sound and feel, there's no substitute.

I started a thread a few months ago asking for opinions on Epiphone Hummingbirds and SJ's as the price was crazy attractive and they are nice lokoing guitars. But I could never find one I was happy with, the quality and sound were always pretty crap.... although I have to say a surprisingly high percentage of the SJ's had super awesome necks on them...

Anyway, on all my travels I always go into all the music shops I can find and try all their guitars. I set aside some cash early in the year for an acoustic, as I tend to spend a long time looking for 'the right' guitar and want to be ready to pull the trigger when I find it. But it was a limited budget, no way could I afford a Martin or Taylor or something like that.

So I was pretty torn on what to get, but I figured if I kept looking eventually the right one would appear.....and it did.

I've always loved Guilds - would have loved to find a used pre-Fender Guild but I don't think people sell them very often, they are lovely and folks hang onto them.

Anyway, I came across this new Chinese "handcrafted" Guild, and was BLOWN AWAY by it - spent a few hours with it in the shop, and I am completely stunned at the sound and quality of these, at any price really. This thing out-played and out-feeled Martins that were 2.5X the price. For real. I tried to talk myself out of it by A/B'ing it against other, much more expensive guitars, trying to find something wrong or uninspiring about the Guild. No go - they had about 20 Guilds in stock and they were all VERY GOOD, but this one was built on the right day, just a special guitar that stood out above all the rest.

So, I snagged it and have been very very happy with the decision. As I said the quality of these is outrageous, and when you take the price in account, the value compared to everything else out there was just amazing. This was one of those decisions that I'm really happy to have made.

It's a GAD-30R, concert-size and comes stock with all the extras you would normally want, so you can just take it home and enjoy it without having to worry about tinkering, swapping out parts, setting it up, etc.

Grover tuners, bone nut and saddle, nearly impeccable setup out of the shop (but that's personal and I always tweak my guitars a fair bit 'till they feel just right.... I like less neck relief than most people do, etc) and all that - plus all the extra sex as well, mother-of-pearl inlays (even on the damn end pin and bridge pins), triple body binding around flamed maple, etc.

The top is Sitka spruce. The sides and bookmatched back are Indian rosewood. The neck is mahogany, the fingerboard and bridge are ebony.

Also a nice surprise after I finally ponied up and bought it - they went down to the basement and brought up the case, which was a beauty I wasn't expecting. Green tweed hardshell - win.

So, some pics for you if you like guitar porn. Give 'em some time to load.










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Post by Kent » Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:46 am

Right on, my brother; right on!

Most of the Chinese made guitars are produced in the same factories. I'd wager that these Guilds are built in the same factory that we use for our Alvarez guitars. This isn't to say or imply in anyway that the GAD-30R has a corresponding Alvarez model. That's like saying an Audi R8 equates to an A4.

What I will say is that there are several tiers of Chinese guitar construction. The 'hand made' or 'hand crafted' ones, out of a couple of factories, are REALLY good guitars. I've got several in my apartment & the ones wherein the braces have been hand scalloped and extra attention paid are very nice. At our U.K. HQ, we've got a Folk Body unit that is stunning.

That's some sexy binding and inlay work too.

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Post by panda30y » Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:48 am

Congrats! Very nice! My friend and I were testing out a lot of acoustics about a year ago and were very impressed by some of the Guilds.

About 3 years ago I had a similar experience shopping for an acoustic. I shopped around quite a bit, and played alot of acoustics across a large price range, and I eventually settled on a Martin 00-15. I was smitten with it, and I felt it played and felt better than almost any of the guitars well above it's price range. The only guitar i felt rivaled and perhaps out performed was a 2500 and 3200 dollar guitar, but this Martin was only 700 dollars, and was as good to my hands and ears.

Just love the finish on your guitar though! Big fan of darker hues! :bananaguitar:


Post by Babaluma » Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:55 am

nice one muff!

i have a yamaha ls-6 i am very happy with. i have that strung with 10s and my electric with 12s, so they are about as easy to play as each other, makes the transition nice and easy!

i love the sound of acoustic guitar - my dad's a life long acoustic guitar nut, so he helped me choose it last time he was over in japan.

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