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Banana Plugs on Blacet?
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Author Banana Plugs on Blacet?
Im currently building all the Blacet modules and am thinking about installing banana plugs instead of the 1/8 jacks. Any recommendations? Is there only 1 post on a banana plug? Any How to or DIY pics of this process?
Muff Wiggler
if you look here:

You'll see that one of our members, BananaPlug, does just this.

Now, I can't answer the other question as an expert, as I only have a few Banana jacks in my system (on the oldschool Wiard 19" controller there's some converters)... but my understanding is that there is indeed only one lug. Possibly two but....

Banana jacks don't allow for normalled connections, so that's one slight issue when converting Blacets (some like BananaPlug solve this by mounting switches or extra jacks....certainly not an impossible problem), and that's one less lug on the jack.

And, I guess that typically they don't allow for ground either, so there goes the other lug - leaving you with, as you guessed, just one lug.

now, I say "typically", because I've seen it. My aforementioned Wiard controller has two converter sections. Each section has two rows of Banana->RCA->1/4"->1/8" jacks. ONE of the two sections includes a banana ground plug.

That Joystick controller ground jack is a common ground to all sections of the controller. Patch with impunity !
Muff Wiggler
oops sweet! i didn't really take a close enough look before i mounted it, and I didn't feel like un-mounting it.... don't use any banana equipment at all, but that's still nice to know, thanks 8)
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