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Koma Mark II pedals
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Author Koma Mark II pedals
Announced on the facebook page today. My guess is improvements to the original pedals.

Hey Jesse, they Mark II pedals mostly refer to the second run of pedals that we made. There are some minor to medium improvements over the first run though.

Most obvious are probably the sequencer knobs of the FT201 where I found better ones. They are now a bit bigger and have a tighter feeling and handling now. It's the same little potentiometers as in the SVF-201. Also I could improve the switching circuit of the FT201 so that no pops or clicks should occur when switching from Effect to Bypass and vice versa. In the BD101 it is mainly a drastic reduction of the Dealy Blend fader noise and other side noises in the delay section as well as a slightly extended delay time range.

Those improvements are basically the answer to the most frequent user reactions, so we tried to work them into the second run of the pedals as we want these tools to be most usable of course. Especially guitar players will welcome those changes as their low impedance outputs had to struggle with the noise levels in the BD101. Unfortunately it's not possible to get upgrades on the first run of pedals as there was a good chunk of re-development of circuitry and board layout going on before we started producing the second run. We are sorry about that but we can't change it...
How do I know what version of Koma BD101 I got? Thanks.
Hi, I'd like to know how to see if mine is mk1 or not? and if the new ones are made by Bastl Instruments? will there be any price changes too? Thanks.
double post
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