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Wavefolder - Crackling Offset Pot
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Author Wavefolder - Crackling Offset Pot
Hey all!

I've got an old frac wavefolder (2008) which has an almost unusable, scratchy offset pot.

So I figured the first thing to try would be to replace it! I replaced it no worries, connections are all fine, but it still crackles & cuts out - but differently!! There are certain points where the signal almost cuts out completely, crackles, and basically doesn't work.

Anybody else had this issue? Any advice on how I might fix it?

i'm sorry i haven't returned your email yet. i will fix it and send it back to you if you want but because you're in Australia i don't think it would be financially a good idea.

what signals are you putting into it?
No worries! Thought I would see if it's a common problem.

Not putting anything strange into it, just the usual frac suspects, osc, env, etc.

Any suggestions? It's more than just 'crackles' really. The output jumps between not working at all, really really quiet, and working fine; at various points of rotation of the offset knob.
that _can_ happen with different signal sources.

the wavefolder works best with triangle waves swinging from negative 5 volts to plus 5 volts.
OK I will do a more specific test - sending a triangle from the blacet VCO. But I'm quite sure the input signal makes no difference.

It doesn't sound like its not responding correctly due to bad choice of input signal. It sounds broken!

I'll record it...
OK test complete. No point in recording it.

Blacet triangle into top input jack. Output is almost completely silent for 97% of offset knob rotation - then cuts in and sounds like its working for remaining 3% of knob rotation.

Input source makes no difference.

Adjusting trimpots makes no real difference. It does change the range of wavefold effect - within the 3% of working offset range - but it still crackles in and out.

Any help greatly appreciated! I'm hoping I can fix it from here but will send it if I have to. I'd rather have it working than not working...
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