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Question for Croglin users
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Author Question for Croglin users
Hello Croglin users,

I am considering including a Croglin filter in my next build cycle and have a couple questions regarding its functionality.

Is the Croglin much different from the filter chains that I can already patch together?

If I plug the output of VCF 1 into a Multiple and out to VCA 1 and VCF 2,
then plug the output of VCF 2 into VCA 2 will this get me in the ballpark of the Croglin's capabilities or is it still leagues away?

And yes, I understand the given example requires more patching.

The two filters in the Croglin are wired in parallel. To replicate such a thing using individual modules is straightforward. Mult your audio input to two identical filters. Take the output of each filter and patch into a reversible attenuator type mixer like the Multimix. One channel of the multimix should be turned fully up, the other can be used to vary the output of the second filter in the same way as the 'Duality' control on the Croglin. We therefore have a way of adding or subtracting the second filter's output from the first.

But as wonderful as this sounds...

No other filter behaves like the Croglin. The Croglin is based on a multiple feedback filter topology originally used on this. It's really quite unlike any other. It misbehaves if you modulate it fast, it overdrives oddly, and the resonance is dependant on the cut-off frequency.

The fact that there are two of these filters in the module is just part of the fun.

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