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Connecting a MiniWave
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Author Connecting a MiniWave

I have just finished building the miniwave and want to put it into action.

I currently have an LFO, MW, FF and a VCA (VCO on the way) that I would like to setup something that can test the MW.

I tried connecting the microLFO as a tracking signal to the MW's IN, but it did not work.

What could be a possible setup?

Muff Wiggler
for properly scaled tracking, the MW needs a rising sawtooth - you'll need a Blacet or Wiard VCO for this....

however a big part of the MW's charm is in non-properly scaled tracking.

You should be able to get some output from it with the triangle out of the LFO.

Make sure you have set the MW's "Input Select" switch to '+/-5v' (which you should use if you have an AC signal - you'll use the '+10v' setting when you want it to process a DC CV (ie., 0-10v, no negative voltage, like from an EG)). Then feed the LFOs triangle out to the MW's "In" jack.

You should certainly be getting some output for sure! Try clocking it very slowly (ie set the LFO rate to something slow), and then taking the MW's output and using it as a CV source.

A quick test of this -

Setup your FF to self-oscillate in a pleasant frequency. Feed that to your VCA. Send the VCA out to your speakers so you can hear the output.

Now, run the slow LFO triangle into the MW's input, and run the MW's output to the CV IN on your VCA.

If the MW is being clocked slowly (by the LFO), you should 'hear' the MW's waveforms in the way that it opens and closes the VCA that is managing the oscillating filter.

hope this helps.
i love reading patches. makes me want a miniwave more.

i just got my dual state filter kit which i'll be building this weekend. i think i'm gonna be building a lot of blacet in the near future.

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