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10A392G resistor array
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Author 10A392G resistor array
Hey people,

Yesterday night I was working on my 4ms RCD (no kit alas) and I found I hadn't ordered any 10A392G. I couldn't find one locally so now I am thinking of just making one myself.
Unfortunately I am having a hard time finding out what it is exactly. can't really find a datasheet. Am I right in thinking this is 10 3k9 resistors that all have 1 end tied together (this end having the little dot on)?

Would be swell!

They are listed as "bussed", so yeah they are all connected to the pin with the dot.
Thanks man!
Works like a charm w00t
Nice thumbs up
Would these be the current limiting resistors for the leds? There are nine of them.
I used regular old resistors and they are kind of dim, very much so for a 4ms module!
Yes they are. And I suppose it depends on what kind of leds you're using. Different kinds respond to the current limiting resistors differently, but as you've used discrete resistors, it'd be pretty easy to switch out the resistors until they get to the brightness you prefer.
Indeed. I'm pretty happy with the dim ones really, they indicate nicely. Let's see what I think about them after a bit of actual use.
I think the 4MS modules use high intensity LEDs, which work fine with up to a a 10k protection resistor, while reglar LEDs will be pretty dim with a 3.9k resistor.
They are!
cane creek
Im trying to source 10A392G for SCM build, i had one on a mouser order but its shipment date is marked as "will Advise" so ill probably never get it.

will THESE work instead ?
The link seems to be for 10k resistors, not the 3k9 of the original. The form factor looks ok, though.
cane creek
hsimonis wrote:
The link seems to be for 10k resistors, not the 3k9 of the original. The form factor looks ok, though.

My mistake I have a 10A392G, Its the 10A103G I'm after will those i linked be ok ?

or would This one be ok to use instead of 10A103G inside SCM ?
They both seem to be ok, having 9 resistors with a common connection.

The datasheet for the Bourns type (for example explains that the 101 number in the item code 4610X-101-103U denotes a bussed system, and the 103 part identifies the resistor value, 10*10^3=10k. The number of pins is in the 46xx part of the id, so a 4610 has 10 pins.

Farnell has the Bourns type as well, quoted for 0.24 Euro per item, with a minimum order qty of 5. Of course, the shipping cost may make that unattractive, if this is the only thing you order.
falafelbiels wrote:
Hey people,
Am I right in thinking this is 10 3k9 resistors that all have 1 end tied together (this end having the little dot on)?

OK, so I'm an electronics moron and am building a SCM kit. I too am missing 1 of the resistor arrays (actually destroyed the one that came with the SCM kit) but have loads of regular resistors. If I wanted to use them to replace the array, how exactly would I solder them? For the 1k 8-pin array, would I just take 4 1k resistors and solder each of their legs into the (8) holes? Seems like it, but then I didn't understand what falafelbiels meant about tying the end together...

Sorry for the rudimentary question but hopefully someone can shed some light. thumbs up
Does anyone know where I can find the 10a392g resistor array?
The one I used (and works fine and is currently in stock) is Mouser part 266-3.9K-RC.

For reference, there's a "parts numbers" document on the 4ms page for the kit in the manuals/reference section:
I think that's where I got the part number from, unless I used a substitution.

If Mouser is ever out of stock of the part you need, finding a substitution is usually pretty easy... Just scroll to the Specifications part on a part's page and check some of the boxes then click "show similar. As to what boxes to check, it depends on the part, but you usually want at least the following to match: package, lead spacing, and relevant values like resistance or capacitance. You can usually ignore temperature stuff, series, manufacturer. Things like tolerance and cap voltages are stuff you want to match or do better than. (Mind you, if you're trying to find a sub for a capacitor and you go too high with the voltage you might get a giant capacitor. For eurorack, usually 25v or 50v is fine and the cap will be small enough.)
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