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Little LFO broken
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Author Little LFO broken
I have a Little LFO circuit that I am using as part of a Ring Mod effects unit. Was all working happily until today when it started behaving badly. A bit of prodding with the meter showed that when plugged in the +ve point on the board is showing 23v and the -ve side about -6v. Which should of course be +/- 15 V.

The supply coming in is definitely +/-15V still until the unit is plugged in. I can't find anything shorting in the unit. Could a component failure be causing this?

Already tried switching out the IC's to no effect. Could it be a dodgy capacitor or 5v regulator?

about to give up on it but if anyone can help much appreciated.
If you are getting 23V from a +15V supply this suggests that the Little-LFO's ground (0V) is not connected. Check your power supply wiring to the Little-LFO board. Make sure you are using pin 2 of the power supply header and not just pin 3.

thanks Tony. Seems to be connected. It functions just very strangely. When the shape pot is adjusted those voltages change which seems to change the voltages across my whole power bus - sending my VCO a little wobbly!

Anyway I am building a fresh one for now. I actually wanted to push the maximum freq up to near 500Hz. what value capacitor should I go for to get that? ie what is the lowest value for C1 I can get away with!

I was thinking around 220nF for C6 (the extra low switching one) so maybe 10nF for C1? lower?

thanks again
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